more role slots



  • Pumpkin

    I agree with this. I reached the max limit of role slots and it'll be quite nice to have more role slots. I can't finish my 500 color roles with only 250 slots ;-;

  • DiscordMostWanted

    Atleast give more Role Slots to server with Level 3 Boosts.

    I have a 25,000+ members server with paid roles and etc BUT I'm at cap. I can't delete roles for obvious reasons nor can I make more. My server even got like 150 Boosts. Make more boost levels too while you're at it.

  • Luke

    I'm the owner of small server (150 members), but i agree with your suggestion, but i will ask rather for this possibility:

    2 boosts: + 50 roles (for a total of 300)

    15 boosts : +100 roles.(for a total of 400)

    30 boosts : +100 roles (for a total of 500)


    And if a server losts its boosts, just mark the role as "Invalid to add" and remove it from all users who has it.

    Discord team can also make 500 free roles, as channel, it's the better thing, think i. Thanks to their :)

  • Cram

    Today we reached the max limit of role slots.

    I don't think this feature should depend on Nitro Boost. Community servers are growing steadily and new roles are necessary.

    For smaller communities it would be unfair if you don't get enough Nitro boosts.


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