Enable Admin/Mods to mark any post as Spoiler



  • Owner TTK

    Maybe you can just erase the message ? If it's NSFW message which have been posted in the general channel, it does'nt fit with Discord Community Guidelines anyway. 

  • Lear

    Specifically for NSFW, I do agree with you TTK; however think about the actual reason for having Spoiler tags; to be able to hide a post that is a spoiler. It's completely within logic that if someone posts a spoiler about a new movie / series or whatever, admin / moderators are able to forcibly apply the spoiler tag to it. 

  • Nolfinkol

    As an admin in a Twitch streamer's server, this feature would be incredibly helpful for the times when that streamer plays games with a lot of story and lore. The viewers tend to share memes and discussions about future content that the streamer (and others who decide to get the game because of that streamer) haven't seen yet so this would be a helpful tool for maintaining the blind playthroughs for others. 


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