New Update is Horrible



  • pumpernickle

    It's pretty terrible. Change for the sake of it. 

  • Syncope

    The spacing and the hover-over highlight are my biggest grievances. Mainly the hover-over highlight. I do not need that little pop up flashing at me like that, or the text changing color, it's disorienting.

  • SlyTheFloof

    Garbage Update @Discord You Should be ashamed of your self

  • Ruben_

    totally agree.. i can't read anything, it's very confusing and it's very horrible.. please downgrade @Discord.. please..

  • Matt`

    The only thing I don't dislike is when you hover over a message and it gives you the option to put your most/used (or recent idk) emoji on it,

    it still sucks though because it feels so out of place.

  • Pain

    New update is awful. I hope they will at least bring the option to enable the old interface.

  • JakovBSG

    My favorite part is now my push-to-talk button overrides everything else in Discord, so when I'm talking I can't navigate or interact with anything.

    Thanks for the nonsense update, Discord.

  • supertroopa

    Please add an option to revert to the old ui.

  • Tazz1804

    Ageed,  this is unusable. 

    In attempt to reply to a comment on my OP, I inadvertently edited out half of my original comment such that it no longer makes sense.

    Totally counter-intuitive.   Considering the sole function of this website is for conversation, I think this is the worst format I have ever seen for such a purpose. 

  • NateB

    Furthermore, something that the newest mobile update did just made things 10x harder to be a server owner / administrator. It made it so that changing people's roles take more steps than before, it's made it so gifs are super laggy, and in general the entire UI feels laggy and uncoordinated. At the very least I hope this is recognized soon cause it is very sucky.


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