Category within Category



  • oneslayed

    Categories within categories would be great. I need them too help organize and sort categories so the server looks cleaner. Having to go down endless channels and categories prove to be annoying when there are too much to get through.

  • don_shipely

    This would be amazing! The opportunities this could provide my discord is unlimited! 

  • Jessironi

    I just tweeted about this today and got a reply back from them saying to come here. It would help me and my friends out so much with rp servers and such

  • ⛧Night_Lock⛧

    I was actually going to make my own request for this but found yours!!! Please add this I run a fairly large server based around gaming (i host game servers that are tied to my discord server) I could use the category within a category for so many different things and would make my discord server look MUCH cleaner and have less to search through when trying to find the specific categories of games i host. this would also allow me to broaden the compatibility of my server to encompass consoles as well not just PC.
    This idea would make ALOT of people happy and wouldn't really upset anyone seeing as they don't have to use it!

    I really hope this can be implemented in the near future!
    Discord is an amazing platform, you guys are doing great!

  • Jestin' Jae

    I also believe this would be beneficial, but perhaps for the sake of development there could be a nesting limit such as 5 levels deep at max?

    Edit: it looks like this could be a dupe post.  It looks like the one the devs are working off of is this one:


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