Discord staff clearly dont want feedback otherwise they would have reverted the update already



  • WastedMeerkat

    I agree, this new update is garbage. I hate how the whole message is darkened when I hover over it, and I hate how there's a bunch of reactions in the top right covering up the message before the one I'm hovered over.

  • kriskotooBG

    Those are really good and valid points! Right now I cannot even use the app because scrolling past messages makes me dizzy cause of all the flashing messages my cursor is going by.
    As I said in my post, adding the old UI as a selectable layout like the "compact" one, will make everyone happy. Yes the app might be a bit bigger, but it will satisfy almost everyone.

  • TheDragonStache

    Well, Discord saves states of previous versions, so I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to revert. To make it toggleable would take more time, but we mostly just want a statement on it all right now. It isn't "freaking out", this is a *feedback* page. People who are just unreasonably rude get removed or downvoted, but these are all valid points. The majority seem to dislike the new update, and we should be letting them know so this gets their attention and the best course of action can be undertaken.

  • Flash

    This update should be optional and in no world it should've been forced on people like this.
    If you like it then try giving a feedback to implement this as an optional feature because clearly the majority of the people who woke up this morning just got annoyed with that garbage ass update.

  • TheDragonStache

    Based off this and several other comments, you can tell main issues are:

    -No dividers for messages

    -New reaction bar blocks some messages

    -Highlighting is distracting and flashy, especially while scrolling

    -None of the new changes are toggleable

    I get that people shouldn't just be rude and unreasonable with these comments, but they have valid points and voices. Discord asked for constructive feedback, and they're getting it. OP made valid points and explained why they held these opinions. You can take it as "hate" and "ranting", but you aren't reacting in a constructive way either by telling people to shut up and downvoting anyone who disagrees with you.

  • Green Tea

    Meow, these are objective issues with the new update. People don't like them, and they're downvoting your comments because you're being a scab. The UI is /objectively bad/, other platforms did this same thing and died over it. If you haven't read from going onto every "the UI is bad" post here, people don't like it.

  • TheDragonStache

    If I had to guess, people are downvoting you because you're being pissy and frankly rude, not because your opinion is different. Also could have to do with how you worded your opinion, which did seem like you were freaking out over the situation (kind of hypocritical, considering the content of your first comment). The "EDIT: go ahead, downvote me... but you know im right..." wasn't a good move either. There's a lot that goes into this, please look at both sides of the issue and try to understand (and above all, please be reasonable).

    EDIT: Downvoting everyone elses comments and upvoting your own doesn't help your case either

  • Green Tea

    Because if people don't say anything, nothing is going to happen. Very simple to understand. People don't like what you're saying, how you're saying it, and disagree with you, and are downvoting your comments accordingly. I'm confused why you wouldn't make that correlation, but after all, you like the new update, so I can't imagine what things are wrong with you.

  • Green Tea

    Nice, home boy The Meow just up and deleted all of his comments, what a champ who's good at facing the facts.

  • Drakine

    Hope everybody boosts the crap out of one, sick of staff ignoring community feedback on their updates and forcing people to adjust to the changes nobody likes.

  • Shibe

    Agreed, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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