Multiple Discord Accounts



  • Stroodle


    See my clarifying post below the one you're (most likely) referencing.

  • SpaceKobold

    Especially now that Discord is rebranding towards a more general chat service than just for gaming, we need a way to conveniently access and control multiple profiles from the same client. I'm on servers with old close friends, classmates, work groups, my family, and many others. I feel free to be myself with my friends (through profile pic, username, status, etc) but I need to put on a different persona when around my family, and yet another for classmates or others I'm not as close too. Because I'm limited to one profile though I have to pick the lowest common denominator that I'm willing to use for my profile. I think many other users can attest that they've wanted to set their status to something somewhat degenerate but couldn't because they're in a work server with their boss and coworkers, or not wanted to have the games their playing shown to all but a few servers.

    Multi-profiles would be a flexible and convenient (for the users) way to facilitate this, combined with a way to divide accounts. That way, users wouldn't have to get new accounts invited to servers; they can just initiate a divide, select which servers go to which half, and then can change account preferences from there. Each half could still be linked under some master profile system too, with each sub-account's one-way connection visibility defaulting to off (toggle-able on if you want, because more power to you). To switch sub-accounts, use the online status dialog in the bottom left, and/or allow profile switching in the top left "Home" menu that grants access to friends and DMs.

  • DeltaBedrock18

    @SpaceKobold Very true.


  • Mark Borges Machado


    I poked discord a few times on twitter about this too but never got a reply of any kind.

  • Micheal

    YESSSS! Please...


    A feature where we can be logged into more than one account and switch between them would be awesome. 

    I'm currently using my personal email for my remote tech job because I don't want o login and out. Also, when you add this feature can you change email without having to leave the server...

    Solution... Keep it the way it is but each server can have its own email... Like Slack!




  • Malygris

    Add my name to the list of people who want this feature. I have separate work and personal accounts,and being able to switch between them easily would be incredibly handy. And it should be easy enough to do. Tweetdeck enables it, as someone else already pointed out, but so does my IRC client and I've been using that since, well, it's been awhile.

    If Khaled Mardam-Bey could figure it out in 1995, surely the Discord team can put together something similar. I believe in you!

  • RickKukiela

    Me too!!!

  • Void

    This feature has literally been requested for years. If you look through the archives there are hundreds of suggestions for this, many of which are marked as duplicate. With this much and this long interest, why has this not been implemented?

  • LtZox

    Bump I like this.

  • campfred

    It's more relevant than ever now with this pandemic. A lot of classes are turning to platforms like Discord and being able to have an account specific for university and the ability to keep my personal life away from my university classes while also being able to seamlessly use/switch between both similar to how Slack does with workspaces would be really great.

  • vadarf

    Exactly as @campfred said above, for keeping personal interests and business matters apart.

  • Melonah

    As someone who has a Discord account for gaming and a Discord account for more professional matters, I would really appreciate if this was added.

  • One Hander

    Bumping it so hard, cant tell you enough how badly i was to separate my work acc from my personal one 

  • doesnt isnt there for looks like this happened from before the new features were added

  • Morty

    is this available now?

  • JeForceX

    This is a fantastic suggestion and would benefit me especially when testing Bots, Roles, and Permissions with multiple accounts.

  • frisbii

    It'd be incredibly useful for me to separate my work and personal accounts, +1!! really do hope this happens soon

  • Laurent

    This is an essential feature.
    Many people are not allowed to login to their work Discord server(s) with their personal account and need to be connected to both.


  • Void

    This is absolutely essential. Multiple account support is required for us to be able to use this across many communities. Businesses, educational institutions, and many other use cases for this software CANNOT utilize this software without such support. A clear, distinct, securable account for each specific purpose a user has is absolutely required. Without this capability, this software can only ever be used for entertainment, and then only for things where a mutual shared identity is acceptable.

    Even for professional gamers, the ability to use this software is limited, as they must be able to separate professional from personal use. Many pros are unable to use the software outside of their career as they cannot represent themselves in a professional capacity outside of their work. They must be able to have a truly separate public and personal accounts.

    I personally have multiple communities I simply cannot participate in because there has to be identity isolation between them. I must be absolutely unidentifiable to people if I am encountered in a different context, as otherwise there could be legal or professional ramifications involved with my being seen to say things with certain identities in certain contexts. I must be able to have accounts in different contexts which are not connectable by end users, be able to monitor activity across these identities, and respond in the correct identity.

    This is a common and simple feature of many pieces of software, of which twitter is a prime example. I can have multiple rapidly switching accounts, each with their own follows and followers, from which I can post as distinct individuals as the situation warrants.

    No other potential feature of this software is of higher importance than this. It is absolutely strangling the ability of people to use this software to it's fullest potential.

  • HyphenSam

    Another workaround is to use Firefox's container tabs, so you can easily switch between different accounts on Firefox. Obviously this only works in the web version.

  • elmgg05

    Plz add this feature Discord!  This is my work account (so-to-speak), but I also have a personal account, and would like to be able to switch between them easier!  Plz add SOMETHING that will make Discord easier to use for people with more than 1 account!

  • Twisted_Code

    problem with this is that it involves account security, so if they implement it wrong (not that they would... I hope, anyway, though a certain incident has me second-guessing that), they jeopardize all active accounts. In fact, that might be why they haven't implemented anything like this yet: afraid to touch it unless they are already working on the login UI anyway.

    Still, I hope they find time to at least look into this to see if it can be done without breaking everything. this would be really useful as I'm starting to use discord for more than just gaming. I'd like to be able to compartmentalize my identity accordingly (as much to keep myself away from all of the @everyone pings about gaming while I'm in school, as anything else).

  • Catt0s

    Need this because otherwise I have to use web version

  • giburn

    This is helpful not only for multiple accounts, but for situations where multiple people in the household are taking turns using the same computer. Even my Chrome browser allows for us to set up separate browser instances (with our own little thumbnails on the launch button) so we don't have to constantly log in/out of social media. Discord should join the rest of the tech world in recognizing the need for easy account-switching. Please add this feature, devs!

  • Void

    I started a reddit thread on this. Please comment there too, as the public exposure of having this as the top topic on their subreddit might actually elicit a response. Public rather than private asking after so long might encourage them to do something. It's a lot harder to bury something at the top of your subreddit than your internal feedback system.

  • Amber

    Or maybe multiple tabs with an account linked to each one

  • Erudian

    (Cross-posted from the conversation on Reddit -

    I guess I was really bored because I took the time to make up a few (very) rough mock-ups to throw out ideas for basically what I personally have in mind for implementation. First, since I like Twitter's implementation of the account-switching functionality, I decided to use them for "inspiration", grabbed a few screenshots, and cobbled together the following design:

    Some of what I like about this design:

    • Quick access to the profile selection box in the same area where users currently manage their profile (the "down-arrow" to the right of the mic, headphones, and gear icons alongside the currently active profile).

    • An indicator that one or more profile(s) has unread activity (the dot next to that "down-arrow").

    • An indicator in the profile selection list for which is currently active (the checkmark).

    • An indicator next to each other logged-in profile of approximately how much activity has not been seen.

    • The ability to quickly add or manage the profile(s) signed in on this device, and even log out of/delete a profile, if desired.

    Obviously, this is nothing more than a basic idea and totally "rips off" Twitter's website UI, but, as I've stated before, I believe Twitter has one of the more simple and usable interfaces for this functionality.

    Because I received some responses with misgivings about hiding the functionality and details behind an extra click, I also came up with this variation where things are a little more readily visible:

    This one takes the alt accounts that were in the "pop-up" and puts them underneath the currently active account without adding too much clutter. The avatar images could even be resized down some to make them even less obtrusive.

    I forgot to add an "arrow" or something to provide a quick way to manage the logged in accounts, but that could easily be tacked on to the right of the avatar list.

    Finally (at least for now) here's another option that uses a "tabbed" interface as mentioned by Amber in the comment above:

    Taking from the design of most modern browsers, each logged in account has its own tab. I'm not sure I like this one as much, but I went ahead and put it together just to provide another design idea. In my head, the tabs could be configurable through UI options to show or hide the account name, or maybe the server/channel that account is currently "viewing", depending on the user's preferences.

    Again, these are just my own personal ideas for how it could be designed/implemented. If Discord gives us something else entirely, I certainly wouldn't be disappointed.

    (Join the conversation on Reddit)

  • campfred

    I like that, Erudian! That's pretty amazing actually!
    I would have thought of maybe switching accounts by clicking on the account picture where I already manage account settings on mobile and where I already set my status on desktop and have the popup like you did appear from there but like, that's still pretty good what you made as a mock-up and I could get used to that. :P

  • Erudian

    Thank you. As I said, I must've been bored the other day. ;)

    The more I look at these designs, the more I'm leaning towards the second one - the one with the logged in accounts underneath the currently active account - with a few "tweaks". I already mentioned making the avatar images smaller (maybe that's a configurable setting), as well as adding an arrow, a cog, or some other icon (right-aligned in the frame) to access some sort of management interface for which accounts are active on the device. Additionally:

    • Add some mouse-over functionality to display the username of each account (just in case someone is using the same avatar on multiple accounts).
    • Allow the user to drag/drop the avatars and put them in order of their own preference. One thing on that, though: if the currently active account isn't in the list, the UI would have to remember the position of its "index" so it showed up in the correct position when switching between accounts.
    • Perhaps, like with servers, there could be a "mute" option.

    Of course, as I said before, these are just my own personal ideas (well, obviously not totally my ideas - thank you Amber, u/heavybell on Reddit, and Twitter). I'm definitely not saying this is the way it must be done. There's still a lot of room for refinement within any of these designs, not to mention any other idea that the developers can come up with. Again, I don't care so much about what it looks like as long as it works as expected and doesn't break existing functionality.

    Also, don't forget to upvote/comment on the thread on the Discord Reddit -

  • Erudian

    Okay... One more. This time for mobile:

    Again, trying to minimize extra "clutter", but this could enable the user to quickly switch between accounts by tapping their avatar in the bottom, right-hand corner, then simply tap the avatar of the (already logged in on that device) user they want to view. Still far from "perfect", but I've spent enough time on the desktop UI. ;)

    (Join the conversation on Reddit)


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