Add invite data to user joined event


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    This is a viable implementation. Looking at the solutions you provided, I'd opt for the last one mentioned. Associating all GuildMemberAdd (GMA) objects with an Invite Code enables more accurate tracking of invites & voids the issue where a bot has to essentially guess which GMA is associated to an invite.

    Supposing you want to track invities associated with a user, you only need to GET Invite Object once. This is required to associate an inviter with their respective Invite Codes. You do not have to do a REST upon all GMA events, so I don't consider it a huge deal. Just link the inviter with the invite codes ONCE, and you're done - no excessive load:


    "invites": [
    "code_one": 54,
    "code_two": 3

    Psst... This is the appropriate GMA link- yours is broken! (





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