Track who joined through what invite.



  • Vasp

    This would be awesome, but something like this is already possible to be created with a bot using discords current API

    When a user joins the server you can scan through the uses of each invite searching for the most recent changed and trace it back to the user that created said invite.

  • Noah.DW

    Lmao ive been trying to get this to happen for so long like, i wanna be able to see who made the invite and who used it when


  • megannnjay
    There are bots like Invite Manager which will allow you this functionality
  • megannnjay
    I believe this is available in the API as bots like Invite Manager exist
  • Sea.

    It will be a very nice feature!

  • xRokz



  • BulzyKrown


  • chloroform chloe


  • megannnjay
    I hope eventually that's something we don't need a bot to see, but in the meantime there are bots like Invite Manager which can log who users were invited by and stuff like that
  • chloroform chloe

    People have made similar suggestions to this literally HUNDREDS of times, ffs just do a quick search you aren't the first. Use a bot, they're MADE to extend functionality.

  • Frosty
    Not a bad idea. It might prevent new users to raid server.
  • Giraffesyo

    How would Discord know who sent them the invite, if you have public invites?

  • webb

    Let me put it this way (and I will be editing this in) the method is what matters.

    If a user were to click on an invite in a message it would expose who wrote said message for example.

  • Sugden

    to an extent, this can already be done, as other comments have stated, you can use bots to track which invite goes up when a user joins, or, if a raid is in progress, simply check the invites, and keep refreshing and see which one(s) are going up, not to say i don't approve of this though

  • Selim

    Sadly the implementation on the bot side is messy as well and can get confused (in theory as the bot grows) as it needs to watch which invite usage counter has increased and if many users join at once, that can get messy.  The Discord API doesn't give join information directly when a user joins, which is unfortunate and would make for a great addition to the API.


  • MagicSword89

    Discord staff, can this be implemented yet? I haven't come across one small server owner/admin/mod who doesn't want to know this

  • null_Zer0

    While this is already technically possible by tracking invite usage count (which doesn't work if 2+ people join at the same time), it would be 1000x better if a join event reported the invite used.

  • cannot we add to audit logs?

  • ca

    Hey Nelly,

    If we're not going to see this as a feature on the Discord client, why not build it into the API so that we can track these types of things accurately?

    Take a look at this suggestion. If an Invite Code is returned in the GuildMemberAdd event, it puts an end to the choppy motion of our currently available Invite Tracker bots. Enabling a ~100% accurate overview of the following:

    • Who's responsible for the raids*
    • Who is participating in the raids*
    • The number of participants
    • The invite associated with the raid

    This sounds like the best solution to me. What do you think?

    *Any invite code can be used, it doesn't have tho be the raiders' invite. Also, non-raiding users can join through the same Invite Code -- but this really isn't too relevant to my comment.



  • Yourself

    Here's a bot that might help. 

  • Exode Pendragon

    The thing a lot of you aren't entirely realizing is that we aren't looking for a bot solution in these suggestions; they're appreciated and probably already known about, but bots are a temp fix of extended functionality that can very well be unreliable in uptime, and that can be very devastating to some servers, targetted or not. 

    At this time of writing, I stumbled upon this thread because Invite Manager is suffering a big outage, and has had some outages in the past few weeks - as has other bots, due to Discord's change in bot limits - which can't be helped.

  • Technical_13

    Personally, I'd like a reliable way to do this as well.  Not to track who invited whom or raids, but instead to be able to have my bot assign roles and welcome users in their native language based on which server invite they used.  For example, I have multiple language channels in some of my larger servers and it'd be great to be able to say `Bonjour et bienvenue dans le {GuildName}!` and assign the @Français role on join with the invite for the #fr channel.

  • Hopskotch

    It's so far beyond time to have this very small feature added to the API sets. A bot is not the answer -- particularly with Discords clouflare problems lately or even local issues to the bot causing missed joiners.

    A simple Invite code added to the guild members event would be fine. Even if it was the last one used only.

    It's been years and work is ongoing for discord --- can't we address this little feature??

  • RoboCoonie

    I don't care about which user did what. I want to know which particular invite code was used by a user when they joined. I have several out for specific purposes and sharing since only my mods can create links. And I want to be able to add roles accordingly if someone came in from XXXXXX code that I posted only on my FB, or if they come in from YYYYYY they're my friends and get that role accordingly. InviteManager doesn't seem to help me in this aspect.

  • Emax

    Any update on this?


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