Innocent has been banned by broken system



  • invesis

    He did nothing wrong, unban him

  • Kiwami Means Beans
    The user in question just tried to damage control after an other nefarious user tried to annoy/raid the server
  • Levvy__

    Yeah , should unbanned

  • Mencia

    He was banned for something he didn't do. It's not fair.

  • kaszaszi

    That's true, this user has been wrongly banned.

  • methosu

    Seciurity system of discord does not understand context of situation and banned wrongly the user of discord, that's probably isn't first time when someone was banned being innocent, when other users are impunite and still joining severs to do mass ping spam by not @everyone, but by pinging every single user in one message.

  • RZUF

    I totally agree with him Methos got ban for nothing

  • Darkness

    I think he did nothing wrong, so he should get unbanned.

  • 🔥 Melioku 🔥

    Unban for Methosu.

  • Ayame

    Unban him, please

  • Xyon

    Methosu#4464 (ID - 351035700541653003) did nothing. Ban is wrong

  • Rebecca

    Heey, Korkeic. This Feedback was made for giving Ideas & Suggestions, not to making compliments for someone got banned for something that he didn't do.

    Move on to Please! ^^

  • methosu

    @Rebecca technically yes, but actually no, we have there something more than appeal to ban, we want to notice that discord's banning algorythm is simply a joke. and discord's support team too.
    Owner really want to appeal to ban but all his argument's was threated like shit.
    that's screen's from ovner's mail:
    Owner speak's english very bad, so he wanted to speech with support using polish language, yes they reply in polish, but they was read only 2 lines of all text: "please reply in polish" and "i want to appeal from ban" arguments has been ignored. arguments why they don't want to unban: none. We users of discord are a joke to you discord team?

  • FatBluDragon

    The issue is that we don't know exactly why he got banned. You gave anecdotal evidence of a potential reason to why he got banned but it might be a completely different one.

    Since you rely on anecdotal evidence, i can contradict it with mine: I once messaged over 20 people with the same message (telling them that they got banned by accident) and i didn't get banned.

    Unless we have an official statement by the discord staff, your deduction has to be taken with a grain of salt and as @rebecca stated, this isn't the right place for it.

    If you know with 100% certainty and proof that the user got banned due to a technical bug, then you can do such a topic here.

    Ps: getting all your friends on this page to artificially bump the thread ain't helping at all.

  • invesis

    At the moment I do not want to express myself badly, but you know the account has been suspended and we are trying to recover it for the owner of the Gang Lolitek 2.0 server, because others may think that you do not write about it because you do not know whether it was rightly banned or not rightly banned for me because of discord bot problems.

  • FatBluDragon

    how do you even know it was a bot by discord that got him banned in the first place?

    Are you assuming it because of a coincidence of him getting banned after messaging the people? Correlation does not always equal causation.

    The best thing the user can do is contact discord directly to find out the reason to why he got banned. After all, you can't set a verdict without knowing what the culprit is.

    Imagine you were wrong and the whole community blames discord for something they haven't done.

    First, know what's going on, then complain, not vice versa.

  • Magical Cat`ٴٴ`

    @FatBluDragon I totally agree with you, it doesn't matter whether he was wrong or right. But discord should AT LEAST TAKE SOME TIME IN OUR SUPPORT TICKETS AND GET A FASTER RESPONSE TIME. For example: One of my previous discord accounts got disabled it had several major bots on it and 2 month of nitro credit. When I emailed discord it took them ALMOST 1 MONTH TO RESPOND, IT WAS EVEN ONE OF THOSE PREMADE ONES. By the time they responded the bots were deleted and everything was lost. This case is similar to other bot developers, like the developer of members+ his bot was in over 100,000 servers before his account got disabled by discord luckily, discord took action before the bots were deleted.

  • ٴ ItIshAkari(¬_¬)ノ!ٴ

    Make sure to follow here aswell to help the cause because discord is BROKEN! 100+ people on our side were false banned


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