multidimensional rolesystem



  • FatBluDragon

    Since we have to work with vertical layout designs (because discord is also used on mobile) may I suggest another variation that will work exactly the same?

    In a nutshell: Roles can be sorted into categories. The categories can have permissions that apply to the roles under the category and follow the role heirachy like usual. Under that category, The roles copy the preset categories yet can be tweaked, the heirachy in the category determins the authority of the role. Changed permission in the single roles always overrides the permissions in the category

    As an example for a role list, it could be the following (bold names = categoryitalic text = permission)

    Staff (Ban / Kick member ✔️)

    • Administrator (Administrator ✔️)
    • Moderator
    • Apprentice Moderator (Ban member )

    Members (Send images ✔️)

    • Muted (Send messages )
    • Member
    • Guest (Send images )

    In this example, Staff can ban and kick everyone below the category. However, only admins have full admin rights while apprentice moderators aren't allowed to ban members. The same special permission case happens in the "Members" category: the muted role can't talk and guest can't send images, even though the category would allow that.

    Just like channel categories, the role categories set the broad permissions while the roles themselves can get detailed.

    Ontop of that, each permission can be set to be a global or category permission. As for your example, an administrator or moderator would have a global permission to mute members while Officer in the "guild 2" category can have a category permission to mute members which could be only apliccable on users within the same category or in the designated channels.


  • Bidel

    Yes we can give it a try. It is better than the current System.

  • !🐺kikopower🐺[Lvl. 1]

    A multidimensional categorical role system is an applaud able idea. Sadly... It's non-existent during this time.


    The UI on mobile (and possibly desktop) can be changed so that instead of just a vertical layout, users can also "swipe left and right" and create separate role groups/lists.


    There's no need for an apprentice moderator. That would be the officer's. @Officer can kick, but can't ban users.

    @Moderator can kick and ban users.

    @Administrator have the permissions that are above banning and kicking users such as the all the server management permissions.


    @Staff would be an obsolete role with @everyone permissions, granting ban/kick immunity between all @Moderators and @Administrators with the only difference between both roles being their authority and permissions


    In fact, all category roles should be obsolete.


    If you want to see what I mean, please add me with !🐺kikopower🐺[Lvl. 1]#0007 and I'll dm you an invite to a test server that shows what a vertical categorized role system should probably be like.







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