Timed Roles



  • Syneiro

    Dyno and other moderation bots already offer this feature, Discord does not need to implement it. Discord should focus on implementing features we cannot already do with bots instead.

  • Geno

    Please enlighten me on how I can make it so that a bot can automatically remove a role assigned by another bot after two hours

  • Indeed

    yeah. need that to...and can't find any solutions

  • hxr404

    I couldn't find a bot with this functionallity. If you find one please answer here

    EDIT: I'm currently developing it with someone. Here's the source: https://github.com/hxr404/Discord-ExpireBot 

  • Coromel

    Carl bot does that with its temprole command, you can choose how long a user keeps the assigned role.

    Here's the doc: https://docs.carl.gg/roles/role-management/

  • hxr404


    Carl bot can not do that, it only expires Roles you assinged using the temprole command.
    If someone gets the Role assigned manually or by another Bot it won't work

    It doesn't really "Expire" the Roles

  • Moronic Potato

    I dont think i have it because i cant find it


    To the people who didn't find the temprole command in carl-bot, it's there. Check the docs sent by Coromel.

    I'm linking them to. Role Management - Carl-bot Documentation

  • champymarty

    Their is a bot that can do it ! Here is the public bot:https://top.gg/bot/925497481423384656


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