Please Remove That "New Login Location Detected, please check your email." Message



  • ????

    Oh, I thought (was hoping) that this would've sent a private email or message to the Discord staff or somethin'. Oops. Oh well..

  • ????

    Okay, here's an update. Now that account is basically lost forever. I thought I had it on my old phone, but someone removed all of my accounts..

  • nhaanoo

    I have the same problem. Keeps saying to go to my email but I already went, checked the email, clicked in the "ok" link to accept new location (cell phone, I'm in the same location) and still, unable to use my phone with discord.


    Please check "security updates" before using them guys, this is just a mess not allowing me to use your service. Besides, who in the hell would like to steal my discord accound? 

  • kayleigh

    dude, i have to go through an hour long captcha then when im finished, nEw LoGiN lOcAtIoN dEtEcTeD cHeCk YoUr eMaIl


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