HELP!! Banned, but not actually banned.



  • Eletressa

    This is exactly what has happened to me. I got banned for having an alt, then later unbanned on my main account. Then two of my most important servers suddenly disappeared and I had the same issue where I didn't even get banned but it didn't let me rejoin. I have no clue why this has happened and I just find it very strange.

  • Lily

    And now on the second account they managed to get me back into the server on cant join any new servers from Disboard at all!

  • Zen.

    This has also just happened to myself. the server went missing within 5 minutes of me posting a message in the server. I found this quite confusing as I am the co-owner of the server. I immediately tried the discord link we have placed on out website and it stated. " Uh-oh. Looks like you've been banned." I contacted the server owner and he looked through the audit log and the bans list, found nothing. and Dyno bot said that I left the server. I've tried many different invite links and links from different people none of them work. I can join other servers perfectly fine. Hopefully we can get a solution as it is quite frustrating being unable to be on a server that you co-own.

  • Lily

    Hi Zen,

    I'm relieved someone else is having the same issue. Hopefully the more of us there are the quicker Discord Support will be in finding a solution. A small update to my situation is that I cannot join around three quarters of the Disboard servers, while some are still perfectly fine! It says the invite is invalid and I may be banned, when I have never even joined the server before. The whole thing is bizarre and needs to be rectified ASAP!

  • Centella

    Sadly, I'm having the same problem. No alt bans or anything. Hope this is fixed soon!


  • Lily

    Hey guys,

    So.. I solved the problem! 

    For me the issue was phone verification, so to remove the number from my main account to regain server access...

    1) I went to an incognito tab in google and joined a random server from

    2) You must do this while having your main account open in the discord PC app and in another tab on the web browser. The goal is that discord will flag the new account and think it is suspicious, and they will ask you to verify

    3) Select 'verify with phone' and type in your number. You will need to wait a bit before you try this fix, because if you try it too soon after verifying on your main account it won't let you - there's a cooldown time.

    4) Once your phone is verified, the number will have been removed from your main account and you can rejoin the servers you lost!

    Optional: If you don't want your phone number floating around discord in a ghost account, make your newly phone verified account into a secure account with a password/email, then delete it - thus removing your number from discord altogether.

    I hope this helps!



    P.S. This solution only really works if you've been banned from the server previously on alt accounts that are linked to phone numbers - the issue with this comes when you verify your phone on your MAIN account, this is why you are banned without warning.

  • orenji

    Hi Lily, this happened to me earlier today, unfortunately, your fix didn't work for me and I am unsure of what to do next. I am a moderator in a server and it kicked me off if you would be able to contact me on discord orenji#2529 it would be much appreciated.

  • Aura

    Hello Lily, this happened to me today as well. and your fix did not work for me. I don't know if it is something I'm doing wrong. If you could, please message me the steps more thoroughly through my dms if you can. Contact me on discord: Anonymoos#2696 

  • [130] [GME] PKtechGilina

    Happened to me too. Very annoying.

    Because I haven’t linked my account to a phone number, your workaround won’t fix it. 

  • Stag

    that happens to me too, my acc got stolen and i decided to create a new one some days ago and i tried to join a server and it said im banned  and the invite wasnt valid, if you got the answer heres my discord acc: Stag#3609

  • shelloo

    Heya Lily! The exact same thing happened to a mod in my server. He tried the tip but it didn’t work. Any tips? Can you dm him: luna [meep]#2592

  • Urge

    Het Lily, there are some parts in your solution that i didnt quite understand. I would apprecriate if you could help me out. Urge#4632 on disc

  • ٴٴٴٴ

    Hi Lily, 


    My apologies I sent the wrong code, please try: orenji#9883

  • Katara

    Hello, happened to me too

    Somehow I wanted to disable 2FA then reenable it. Once done I saw that I got banned on 2 servers.

    I don't know what this happened, tho I would like to know why it happened.

  • telephonophobia

    hey, this has also happened. except i don't have a phone number attached. i left the server (friend group server) out of anger. invite link said i was banned but nobody is banned.

    - telephonophobia#0889

  • MJツ

    I was banned from a Discord server so I tried to join on my alts, except all of them were banned too. I asked the owner to unban me so they did. They sent me an invite but, it said “uh-oh! It’s looks like you’ve been banned” this has been going on for about 3 days now.  mooman#2995

  • jxliaq

    Good news! I figured out a solution because it just happened to me. 
    1) Make an alt account

    2) Friend the owner and have them send you the link.

    3) Friend your main account and send an invite to it.

    4) Join from your main and delete your alt.

    Sorry if this doesn’t work. And please reply if it doesn’t I’m curious.

  • bmo23

    Doesn't work jx, just says invalid invite for me.

  • 「 ✨Ara✨ 」

    Didn't work jx. This problem needs to be fixed hhh. I've been trying to fix it for h o u r s.

  • leah

    this is happening to me too! my friend kicked me from her server as a joke and tried to invite me back but it said i was banned. she sent me a screenshot of her ban list and im not even on it. has anyone fixed this problem yet?

  • josezamora1234

    Help Me my Banned is no Longer!

  • Captain Ravioli

    Here's a solution: make a group chat with the admin or the person you want to add, and Send the invite there. If that doesn't work then play with the settings a bit until you solve it.

  • 「 ✨Ara✨ 」

    Great. It's happened again(I sent another message a couple days ago). Two people that can't join a server because it says they were banned. One was a normal member(just left and it said they were banned), the other was the co-owner(got banned by the owner as a joke, but can't rejoin even if unbanned). I've tried to help both rejoin, but nothing is working. I'm so frustrated- hhh. None of them have alts, so it's nothing to do with the IP being banned. Someone please help-

  • Allan Alric Rocc'Arrem

    I have also been banned from a server. All the mods have tried everything but i just cant get in... it saddens me bc i love this account i have so many friends on there and making a new account will be a hassle. Someone please help!

  • Nin10doGMod

    Sometime, I wanna blow my brains up because most of the solutions above are over 9000% useless.

  • Captain Ravioli

    This happened to me too, I found a solution but forgot it lol

  • cowboy

    hello! i found an actual solution. this just happened to my friend. what you need to do is contact an admin or the owner of the server about it and send them this ez solution :

    all you need to do is clear the whole list of banned people in server settings. might take a while if you are in a big server but i promise that it works. ( at least for my friend and an old admin, it did)

    i hope this works for you all!

  • mattari

    My server has had issues like this in the past. What I've found work (at least until the issue with someone today) was banning and unbanning said user. If someone was removed randomly, not via staff, and couldn't rejoin, banning and unbanning them allowed them to join from a newly-sent invite link to their DMs.

    Note that it had to be a new invite link, as old one will still say the link is expired, and it worked on all instances except for the one today which I was just looking to see if others had the same problem.

  • 𝕂𝕌𝕄𝕆

    every time I leave this one server and attempt to go back to it, I get a "banned from server" invite when I'm not banned. someone please help me my discord tag is ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕕#0001 please and thanks!


  • TheCuriousCatPerson


    Unbanning everyone from a discord server is a bad idea, then the bad people could come back and cause trouble again


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