Increase rate limit for editing channel description




    I second this, by lowering the requests rate to 2 per 10 minutes, alot of bots I use to change channel descriptions are showing less accurate data. This needs to be changed/reverted to the way it was previously used.

  • Clark

    Yeah 2 per 10 is a huge bummer.  It would be nice to be able to have dynamic content in the description.  Could help make key information clearer rather than having people trying to scroll up and find a message posted by the bot.

  • nedaso

    This rate limit should be increased together with the channel name editing rate limit. You can only change the channel name 2 times per 10 minutes, and I find it stupid that normal users can change it more frequently than bots can.

  • Kemikals

    Same, we have a support discord with help channels where we add a free emoiji or a taken emoiji to channel names to prevent people talking over each other. Something so simple should be able to be done by the bot, but this rate limit really kills it. What's worse is you can't detect you're hitting/near the limit unless you actually hit it. We don't need a crazy limit, but something more sane is definitely required, and a way to monitor per channel when the rate limit will be up


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