Stop Banning Suicidal And Other Self-Harming Users



  • Aardvark

    I completely agree

  • Never_here

    Instead of shunning people with such struggles in their lives, Discord should try to create a place where people can discuss such topics and try to help and support one another. With its veritable status and sense of community, why can't Discord have options for the support of people struggling with such issues? When I first joined Discord, it seemed to be the exact kind of place where people could talk and find support and a sense of solidarity. To find people like them, facing similar problems, and feel less alone.

    I personally know someone who, going through some tough times by themselves, finds daily comfort in talking to people on Discord, setting up daily reminders and check-ins through the kindness of someone's heart. A person who was once a stranger to them, but because of this app, became one of their closest friends, a person to connect with and find solace with. They talk daily, taking time out of their rather stressful lives to give a few words to a stranger, give some morsel of kindness to lighten their hearts.

    This app, being well structured and having gained such a reputation, can truly become more than just a place where people can express their hobbies, their passions, it can be a place to share their lives. With the struggles human beings of the world are going through, we must try to better the world for all of us, to create support and love where none can be found.

    By banning this, Discord is cutting off communication, limiting their own chances of help. For many people, Discord is a place to find help, for talking is a vital part of the journey towards healing themselves. Please, I urge you, instead of shunning other human beings in need of help, embrace them. Think of your own loved ones and the things we would do to protect them. Try to think of these people in the same way.

    Give them help when they need it the most. 


  • Axera

    Do you mean discord bans those who have those issues? Are they crazy?

  • Rack

    I completely agree with this. Cutting them off from people they care about very much might make it get even worse. So maybe ask them to get help or have a community specially for those kind of cases?

  • milf

    i honestly couldnt have said it better, i myself have struggled with this issue, and if anything they’re ending lives other than doing good just because of their “TOS”

  • DoubleKiiing

    Honestly, discord loves to issue bans on some of the sweetest people for simply being suicidal, all while leaving p3d0s to roam the app. (personal experience)

  • twntytwn

    forget it discord loves suicidal acts they show no mercy, we had nothing to do but to act normal its what they wanted. 

  • Pol Pot

    I absolutely agree, here is a whole another thing though, Discord does not monitor servers, so someone must've been a jerk and reported your friend to Discord in that case. 

  • lncn

    What the hell, Discord?

  • srt

    I think discord did the right decision. These people get into other people minds and makes others suicidal too.

  • Rope

    srt if you don't understand how it feels to be in that position, better don't say anything at all. And that's not how it works lol. So you're telling me the people who are in need for help shouldn't even talk to friends about it? that's just dumb. Educate yourself on such topics or else you're just helping society become more ignorant about sensitive topics as such. Sheesh.


  • SkyTheSwissCat

    Seeing this now kinda scares me.
    I didn't knew they banned people for being suicidal, and as a person that is getting almost my entire support trough discord is kinda scary, if I lose access to all the people that are keeping me up its not gonna be a good thing.


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