The new age restriction



  • YandereMedicine

    yes, and because of some misclicks my account will be deleted since discord wont respond to my appeals.

  • AmberStone16

    I disagree.
    discord did the right thing with the new age restriction policy to protect themselves.
    that doesn't mean its perfect.
    I've got a few people on my server who I know the exact ages and birthdays for who have lied about their age to get into NSFW channels.
    the new system shouldn't be removed cause the last one was just as easy to bypass. instead, discord should add a way for server owners and admin to flag underage users and block them from the channels.

  • ArtNer

    The support is dead, they just added ''update your birth date'' while nobody checks it or when they check it your account is already deleted. nothing to do .. eventually this platform will die since they keep coming up with stupid updates

  • Mxdnight

    Yes i know. I really feel sad knowing the my main account will be deleted after not being 13 years old. I mean what about the hard work you've made on your server or something. Its just dumb..

  • arachnidsGrip

    i hope the platform dies because of it’s stupid updates, i’ve been trying to contact discord support for days now and they still won’t respond.

  • Nicole.exe

    Discord failed to verify me and I received no email as to how I can verify my account. I was told I had 14 days to verify but I lack any instruction as to how.

  • Ramen-kun

    i agree, i really hope they remove this pathetic new "age request" update entirely and remove all of the personal info they gathered through this "age request"

  • Zio

    hey I have this message of them saying they will delete my account in 14 days. How do I prevent this?

  • Nicole.exe

    @Zio, You too? If so can I see?

  • TVhifi

    You can't do anything Zio, discord said "send a ticket on support" but i think they won't read or answer. You now have create an other account with a new email adress.



  • Zio

    I'm waiting to see if they really delete my account tomorrow

  • Shamu001

    this happened to me XD 



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