Change Frequently Used emojis to this



  • letos

    Best suggestion ever, upvote please.

  • Theterreur™

    🙏🙏🕋🕋🕋 allah bless this suggestion

  • Racci

    Was just going to make the same suggestion. Yes! Why are emojis that I've literally NEVER used (or maybe "kind of" used once, like adding +1 to a reaction someone else has already made) in my Frequently Used section? The algorithm that selects the emojis is, with all due respect, not very good... :\ and by not very good, I mean fantastically awful. (Love ya, Discord, but it's probably not something you weren't already aware of.)

    An improved algorithm would be very welcome, however, being able to custom-pick what emojis appear there might be an even better solution! I actually already sort of did this by creating a server and uploading all my favorite emojis (both custom and already in Discord) so that I could easily access them.

    OH! That also brings me to another feature I'd LOVE to see implemented. Why are server emojis listed in (reverse) alphabetical order, but the Discord emojis are sorted so beautifully based on theme/category regardless of name? Could you please allow us to sort server emojis as well? <3

  • squido

    Been browsing similar suggestions up to 2 years old.

    Come on Discord!! xD manual customisation of a "frequently used" emoji palette would basically solve all the related issues!! Please act!

  • nagdon

    It is really annoying when discord randomly forgets the emojis that I use frequently. Please allow manual selection or at least don't nuke the current emojis regularly!


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