One time purchase Permanent Server Boosts



  • Syndarix

    Also, Victoly, it's nothing like Netflix. Netflix costs money, but so do literally 90% of other streaming services. Discord is the ONLY social media to make you pay for the most simple of perks. Just because it's subscription-based as well doesn't mean it's anywhere near the same, and it is definitely not.

  • * Bolas

    I'm with everyone for some level of permanence.  I think it can help them maintain more users, given it is not overloading their servers and causing quality issues.  It would just be a great idea if there was some type of loyalty permanent boosts, just as there is in twitch, if channel had subs consistently and were dedicated over a period of time.  This means you have been a long term investor for the success of discord, and it will show signs of appreciation.  As mentioned before, this also motivates investors to continue to do so for some extra benefits in the long run. 

    I also agree that discord has a great platform and would like to make money, just like twitch and subscriptions leading to specific perks for the streamer.  So I see why they have to have these consistent boosts monthly to maintain quality servers.

    I don't agree with some of these arguments claiming you can't maintain a community if you're not boosted.  This could be true for discord users only, which I've never been because I have always coupled twitch with discord.  So this is a problem more of the discord exclusive folks are having.  It could also explain why the platform may have lost of a lot of users that are discord exclusive, but they have strongly gained a whole bunch of wealthier streamers of other platforms in the process, with followers ready to throw money away for them (including their discord servers).  

    Discord is probably such a die hard platform because of their quality and that it is free and without ads.  I don't know any other system like it out there, personally.  The sound quality is still good, and their servers were down last week for the first time I have experienced in a total of 5 years using it.  You can create/use many channels, with as many members as you want.  Your community can still use your personal emotes in your channel, all for free.  After that, it's just loading higher sound quality, more emotes and variations, further reach and access to use emotes, etc... These specific details are not vital to maintaining a community at all (with, once again, the exception of "discord exclusives").  Of course it helps a lot to have more options, it is like any other quality long-term platform.  These expensive extra perks are making them maintain a successful service, as well as making discord devs wealthier. 

    The only thing people can hope for is a new platform that works just as good, and initially asks for less until they become corrupted.  A sad reality of the monetary system in every case.  Discord is already racking loads of money, and will not likely be willing to become generous out of the blue and sacrifice income as a business strategy.  It is counter productive.  Don't shoot the messenger.


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