Account has been deactivated for no reason



  • DévCube

    Julexar Discord is not stupid to ban someone without reason.

    Know that discord revises very well before being disappointed to ban a user.
  • Julexar

    Though in my case it apparently is since I have never violating the ToS in any way

  • Julexar

    Also they did not ban me - They DISABLED my account

  • Mr. Kickstart

    I had a similar incident on my old account (Farko#3900).

    They will not reinstate your account. You could message them 1000 times and they will all come back with the same response, which reads something like "We've confirmed the terms of service violation and will thus not be reactivating your account."

    Say goodbye, however painful it may be, to your old account.

  • Beatrice ▽

    Hello there,

    I'm so sorry to hear that. However, you cannot get support here, you can send your support ticket to the Trust & Safety team at

    Or you can directly contact via e-mail

    Best Regards,


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