Discord should really delete all messages from deleted accounts for privacy and safety purposes.



  • 𝑨𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒉 🌸

    Yes I’ve and many others have been arguing with discord about this feature. I’ve been seeing this pop up on feed back quite a bit as well and yet there’s no change. Discord will give us colored tags before doing something about the privacy they claim they provide for their users. Discord is being used for more than just gaming now and honestly it always was for many others in the past so I’m not sure why this was never an automatic given. Discord needs to update & provide better deleting options in general but this is the most important one that should be granted. The messages of deleted accounts should at least “expire” at some point and no longer be viewable if they refuse to remove all them. I don’t see the point of putting something as selective & sensitive as messages anonymous as if it’s not easy to simply figure out who left them by viewing the messages. 

    don’t get me started on how bad this is for the minors that use this app as their main social outlet. not to mention many people are unaware of this until it’s to late for them to actually manually delete their messages, thus indirectly giving the others who can view their messages more power than the person who actually sent the messages to begin with. How is that in anyway fair ? Even if they left nothing traceable or threatening behind, this should just be common sense for these messages to be deleted. Deleting an account should include deleting the messages, as any other form of social media does this for their users when they decide to delete or even deactivate  their account. 

    for once it’ll be nice for discord to listen to their users on something that concerns many of them and not over look / ignore it just to provide something minor that they can always imply like color tags or names update.

  • m-wind

    I agree. Discord needs to add this feature. If I recall correctly, most other social media platforms are capable of doing this, so why not Discord, especially since it has become more popular during this time.

    I also think that they need to add the feature of 'Deleting DM History' similar to how 'WhatsApp' handles it; for example, 'WhatsApp' gives users the option to delete DM history, and for that user, the history of the chat would never appear again. This feature is good because the user can choose to delete the DM history of both sides only for them.

    I still do think that when an account is deleted, all of its related DMs should be too. Like, how has no-one ★★★ ☭ 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐡𝐨 ☭ ★★★ done or said anything about this?!


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