Server owner account disabled and deleted



  • Sienihemmo

    Discord has guidelines in place for support to transfer ownership of servers should the owner account be disabled, or if the owner has gone inactive for a period of time. Usually they require a certain number of users on the server as well as the requester to be in a second-in-command position, or the nearest equivalent (admin/moderator)

    You can submit a ticket for it here:

    Select "Help & Support", and then under "Type of question" select "Server ownership transfer request".

    I assume your personal server probably wont match the requirements, but it doesn't hurt to ask if they would be able to help you with that.

  • Artemis

    Omg I'm going through the exact same problem dude! My account was disabled on false pretenses of breaking discords terms of service (WHICH I DID NOT DO).

    I have never done any of the following reasons on the email for which gave me reasons that i may or may not have done to violate discords terms of service in my life! and like you i created 3 servers dear to my heart! one of which had 200 members and the other was 30 members away from 100 but i loved that community to!

    Now I sent multiple emails to discord support stating me extreme frustrations, and yet all i got was automated responses stating that they will not be reinstating my account and that the email forwarded to your email address states why you were disbaled! BRUH IN MY EMAILS I CLEARLY STATED THAT IT WAS A FALSE REPORT AND THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THOSE THINGS!

    This really makes me angry, it's so not fair to just disable someone's account because a flawed system thought that they were either hacking, stealing, commiting fraudulent activity or damaging some system

    This is very wrong, very unprofessional and very unjust. I use discord to a professional standard and carry myself professionally on the platform, and yet this happens!? wtf man.

    I am very very frustrated as you can tell, i emailed them and requested a transfer of ownership to another account right now if they refuse to own up to their mistake and reinstate my account, that would just be easier, but noooo these so called professionals are to egotistic to admit that.

    So im going to request ownership to another account, thank you and i hope everything went right for you.

  • elle#3113

    Same for me! My 5k member server was lost due to my account being disabled. Discord support said I raided and I never did. I even have proof and message links of someone saying they spam reported me because they were bored!! Now my account is getting deleted and I don’t have access to my server.

  • Artemis

    Yeah this isn't right, justified or any of that, and every time you try you try to reach out to their trust and support team it always sends you that damn auto mod message stating that your account has been banned because of the reasons stated in the email that was forwarded to you.

    And when I went to transfer ownership category, they just kept going around in circles and then stating that it seems you're talking about a problem with another account, please use that account and forward a message to trust and safety.

    lol yeah i kept doing that, and it kept giving me the same auto mod bot message.

    This is ridiculous, so I had to recreate my servers again, which took a while but i got there, though permissions and bots took hella long to do up again.

    Im sorry to hear you lost your 5k server @elle#3113

    honestly, i know it's important to follow the guidelines issued out to employees, but this is common sense here lol, anyway all the best to all of the innocent people who got flagged for nothing <3

  • swptony

    Discord you disabled and deleted 6 of my accounts under false pretenses :/

  • Viperstrike

    Is there a solution of gaining access back to you server. I just got my acc disabled for something i didn’t do. Is there anyway to have a discord member switch the owner power to a alt account?

  • Wezzl

    Is there ANY WAY that I can transfer of my Discord server from my disabled account (wrongly) to a new account of mine??? Someone help me pls, I had sooo much important stuff and information on that server on a private text channel. I do not care about the account actually I just want the ownership of the server so I can see all the channels again🙏

  • Wonder

    is their anyway i can claim ownership my friend got disabled and wants his ownership transfered on one of his 2 servers what do i do

  • GiannhsBruhツ v2

    hello my account got terminated (disabled) for false reason and i want to give the ownership to a friend so i said to the support and im waiting for answer

  • IsaGamer

    What if the owner had a backup account before their account got disabled? Can they request ownership from their backup?

  • maoyueze

    my friend asked me to transfer ownership since he wanted to add things in my server, after a few months, his account got disabled [[and he emailed Disc but never got a reply. he never did anything that could result to that, in short it got disabled for no reason.]] so his account got deleted, and i can only access my own server as an admin. how can i request ownership? i can see these people hasn't got their problem solved i guess :< and i really need to fix this

  • Nick Argall

    I've just become aware of this issue, and I'm working on a story about it for a small online magazine (mainly game reviews, but this is news worth covering).  I'd like to understand the extent of the problem, and I'm particularly interested in cases like Artemis, where a bad actor has admitted that they were deliberately making a false report.

    I can be reached via email via nargall at


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