Option to message mods of a server you're banned in



  • iluvher

    YES PLS, OMG DISCORD ADD THIS ALREADY IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER for ppl I ban from my server to contact me ab why they were banned :sob: also you could make it like "message owner" or it could just be a button to friend the owner so you can have a little chat with them about your ban 🥺🥺🥺 I wanna see this in the next update so bad. 

  • emucoupons

    Wow,iluvher, you seem like exactly the kind of person who shouldn't be a mod.

  • 837298534

    Yes, like reddit.

  • rtrtonLOL_Dev

    This would be so nice. If they even added a section like Messageable Members section in the server settings where you can add roles or members to the list of people who will be messaged.


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