Increase size limit for animated stickers



  • yeeter

    Lottie is somewhat confusing, I agree with you. The limit should be fixed

  • PhilMinecraft

    Yep! I was going to say that, this should include GIF too on a file requirements, small animation lottie size isn't good because the frames aren't smooth, but if I want smoother lottie file, it takes a much storage more than 8MB+ (supposed to be 500KB only), I tried to convert GIF into APNG, but after I convert and download it, the format is in PNG and no animation, plus it's just giving me more storage 20 times. Such a limited. The file limit size should be 10MB, small animation file isn't good enough because of the low frames, it says animation but it's not quite well to show off, it's cringe 😬

  • Koehler46

    According to WABetaInfo, the Facebook-owned chat app has a 1MB per sticker limit on how large animate sticker files can be. However, the limit may vary depending on the platform (Android or iOS). WhatsApp has restricted the file size to prevent some users from creating "bad stickers" and sending them "irresponsibly".


  • octo

    Agreed, the limit is way too small currently. I just spent hours trying to get a 2 second animation down to 500kb and the only way to do it was to absolutely destroy the quality of the animation which kind of defeats the purpose of having spent time animating something nice. The limit ideally should be 1-2mb at least.

  • treefr👀g

    Allowing a lossy file format would be nice too. WebP or WebM would be good. APNG is better than GIF, but most people don't care that their animations are pixel perfect, especially when that goes to waste as octo stated above having to destroy the quality of an animation to jam it in 500 kb.

  • HeirTalent

    take a look on these files:

    it's discord's stickers APNG, they using the file larger than 500kb ! Damn, it's not fair 

    hope they can fix the size limit , 2~5 MB is good for me

  • alleine dragonfyre🎶

    Yes PLEASE increase the size of the stickers. I'm pulling my hair out over here and my animations are looking like sand from optimization. Come on, guys.

  • sketch

    500kb is absurd for apng. I'm literally creating high fidelity animations then forced to down res to gif, THEN convert back to apng! Up the limit please, it's absurd.

  • sambuel

    came across this suggestion while i was looking for a way to compress an apng to the file requirements ... +1 this. its very infuriating. i had to do the same thing with my banner, until i gave up and uploaded it to tenor instead. funny thing about stickers, you cant do that here. you have to upload your own apng, as far as im aware. theres no good way to compress it properly, and then when you do get it down far enough, its incomprehensible. 5000kb was the smallest i could get the apng im currently trying to upload, and it looks awful. i dont understand why the restriction is even in place to begin with.

  • 8l4h

    I too have had to turn 2 second animations into sand with half frames to make it in the file size limit. 2-5mb would be reasonable and still be limiting.

  • 𝐈𝐯𝐲

    This suggestion is 7 months old and still there are no updates from Discord. How the **** do you get them to pay attention?

  • PhilMinecraft

    this should be repost



  • bubbie

    I've tried making my animations into GIFs, compressing them, and changing them back to APNGs, but it's still not small enough. I've tried compressing each PNG frame and it didn't work. I've tried reducing the amount of frames and it still wasn't small enough (unless I wanted it to be really choppy and pixelated).

    Nothing works. This limits creators.

    If the official Discord Nitro stickers are greater than 512KB, then our own stickers should be greater than that limit too.

    Please increase the sticker file size to 8 - 10MB. I hope you can change this soon, it will make uploading animated stickers easier for all designers and creators.


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