Account got disable for no reason...



  • Lucklife

    That's pretty much the standard termination email, with just a few variations depending on what rule was broken. Don't expect too much information from it. If you're certain that you've done nothing wrong, you can create a ban appeal.

    Under trust and safety, there's an option for appeals.
    Worst case scenario, you can transfer server ownership for your community.

  • :(

    I have also gotten this. I got a warning at first, even when I know I did nothing wrong. Then I got disabled. and I created a ban appeal, I did nothing wrong and they still declined my ban appeal. My account could have been caught in the spam filter, labeling one of my messages as spam, causing my account to get disabled. And I wasn't spamming either because at the time I was on VC with my friends. I know why the spam filter caught one of my messages as spam. I was just sending this message on a community chat, which had a 5 second cooldown. When I sent that message 5 seconds later, the spam filter thought it was spam, and disabled my account, which was false, because sending the same message 5 seconds later is not spam. I think my account was hacked too that was why I got that warning because I got a lot of bots sending me "you won free nitro". I clicked on one of that and I joined the server and that was how I probably got hacked, and I have sent them a request that my account was hacked. I still need help getting my account back. This was so painful to type, so now I'm accused of doing nothing wrong, I cant contact discord because I've been getting blackmailed, and everything. I need to talk to someone in person, because I believe my account was wrongfully disabled. Discord if u are reading this, I need help. Please read my appeals, or help me chat with someone to help resolve this, because if you were in my shoes, you would know it is unjustified.

  • Aradhy Dwivedi

    i got temporarily disabled for 24 hours after the same message 
    but now am unable to add anyone to my direct message because everytime i even open dm with any new person . discord just logs me off and tell me to change the passwords 
    i dont know what to do please help me 

  • Noah

    My account just get  disabled today.. May 21, 2024 (Fourth account) because of this: 

    Sending a large number of direct messages in a short span of time

    Participating in a server dedicated to spamming Discord

    Automating your user account or self-botting

    Taking other actions on Discord — for example, joining a ton of servers — faster than humanly possible

    Attempting potentially fraudulent activity


    I mean…I don't even like sending a lot of messages, I'm just watching ppl sending their stuff I don't like spamming because I know it's kinda annoying…and “Joining a ton of server faster than human possible” Just Eight server, and you say it's a lot, plus you think human is so slow? This has happened to me three times for the same reason…(my username: noah_the_ark7) 

    Discord please fix this, and gave back my account please.

  • Lolipopp093

    me too noah i was disabled for the same reason and i didn't do anything …and i don't know why 

  • Yami

    same thing happened to me today , Noah  Lolipopp093 , I didn't spam, I was asleep!

  • Lolipopp093

    Hey yami my account is no longer disabled you just need to do a ticket “appeal about my account” and tell them everything and be polite ^^ in 1 or 2 days it's solved  (sorry if my english is bad i'm french )

  • _shalev_

    Lolipopp093 how long did it take them to respond? mine keeps getting ignored……


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