Thread Notification Settings



  • Tudi20

    The worst part is, is that this is ripe for abusing.

  • Jorick

    I came here to suggest this exact thing. It should inherit the server settings, no idea why they thought it was a good idea to make it default to all messages when no sane person in any large server would ever use that setting.

  • mehall

    Not only do threads ignore server notification settings by default, "Use Server Default" is available as a per channel notification option, no reason why it shouldn't be there for threads too

  • Anthony J. Fontanez

    I agree 100%, new threads should inherit the same notification settings for the server, not default to "all messages".

  • cart

    I run a large-ish (~5000 members) server and we've been wanting threads for ages. I'm a huge fan of the thread implementation, but these default notification settings are nearly a deal breaker.

  • gio

    about the mobile part, you can actually change the settings!

    swipe right to see the channel list, hold the thread, and below Mark As Read you have Notification Settings!
    it would be cooler to have that configurable in the swipe-left menu too but hey, at least it's possible :D

  • Kalagrim

    Agree completely.  Tried out the thread feature for the first time today, but the notification setting is a deal breaker.  It really needs to follow the parent channel settings.

  • AmHypnotic

    I see Threads as a "child" of a Channel. 
    You have Server Notification Settings. 
    Then, you can set a Channel's Notification Settings, Channels being "children" of Servers, to "Use Server Default," but a Channel can be different from the rest of the server by user-choice.  
    I feel that Threads, "children" of Channels, should have the following 2 notification options, in addition to the standard 3: "Use Server Default" and "Use Channel Default." 
    Following this logic, the thread default should be whatever the Channel's notification settings are, so it inherits from the Channel it is a "child" of, and the UI remains consistent, and also allows user to choose to make notification settings different if they choose, just like with Channels from Server settings.

    ( X-posted with identical suggestion )

  • Windy

    This is very much needed <3


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