Option to disable the new Events feature



  • Sae

    Seriously, why in the hell is there no toggle to turn this off. I will NEVER use it. It takes up space on my server list that I CERTAINLY do not want. Literally every single update there's something new pushed on us without the option to disable or hide. Like the server discovery button, the student button on the phone app, etc. 

    I don't want this. Let me TOGGLE IT OFF.

  • Zack Strayder

    I'm in the same boat, I do not want this, nor need this. Once again they keep forcing this stuff down our throats. It's like they want us to go to another program.

  • knife

    This new Events feature has screwed up my server layout. Give me the option to turn it off. It looks ugly. It should be an opt-in only feature!

  • KM

    I am on the exact opposite. I still haven't received it and I could very much use it for future events :/

  • Pawan dewmina

    very correct. server events might come in handy to some people, but it destroys a person's user experience by not letting us turn it on/off. if they cant add that turn/off feature at least they could let us edit the channel just like every other channel. It makes my server ugly, and I really don't like that.

  • Icon

    How lucky I am to have Discord to decide what to add to my server and in what order of priority it should be granted. I shudder in anguish thinking of all the time I've wasted setting up my server my way rather than letting Discord decide for me.

  • sudo

    It gets enabled when an admin of the server enables “community”. The “events” section will disappear when an admin disables “community”. Just turned it off in my server.

  • Crown

    It gets enabled when an admin of the server enables “community”. The “events” section will disappear when an admin disables “community”. Just turned it off in my server. 

    I own a server with 5k+ members i can't just disable community.


  • Xandar

    When there is no scheduled events, members don't see the events button. Only people with manage events permission see the button.

  • irismustang

    I'd like to be able to disable/hide the events where I don't have to see it. I'm server owner for several small servers. We will never use the events and having it pinned at the top throwing off my set up is annoying. Also, I do NOT have "community" enabled and the events section is still there and cannot be removed. So that comment doesn't apply to me. 

  • fever

    Honestly, I agree. Discord can't just destruct our entire setup throwing the Events feature at people who need to use the Community feature. We just want to personalize our own servers. There isn't even a reason for that feature because we can literally just make a channel called #events. And even though members cannot see them, Event Managers and Server Owners still do not like this feature because it destroyed their entire setup and made a new feature that we don't need.

  • Seeth

    It's crazy when I never mean to use it. We're in the same boat, but here it comes when we enable community. So, if you want to disable this, you have to disable the community and partners as well. You know, it doesn't even make any sense.

  • MandalorianMangler

    Agreed. It's as simple as a hide feature to let the server managers control what they see and don't see. It should also have the ability to be moved up and down the column like any other channel.


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