I own a larger server and my account was disabled two weeks ago



  • jo19sh92

    Sorry bud, but you're out of luck.


    The discord staff pretty much ignores any and all feedback and support as of recent. A bunch of us (myself included), have been waiting for a long time, a few people on here have been waiting for over 5 months, and some for a year or more. They're not going to help you, so all you can do is start over.

  • AshDott

    jo19sh92 Actually, they do respond, you have to go about it the right way, this is a "feedback" section, they respond quicker when you submit a "report" or for things such as application verification. Most companies take forever to respond to "reviews" or "suggestions".

  • Jones 3446

    I've tried every way under the sun. What is this "feedback" section you mention? I'd like to try that too.

  • AshDott

    This is the "feedback" section we are using right now, it is often members helping other members.

    I recommend making another ticket at

    Sometimes they respond quickly, but other than that, I can not help you as I do not work for discord.

  • emi ♡

    same issue :/ havent been able to manage any of my servers, support has left me hanging for 3 weeks now. don't understand why they would ban such large waves of active, paying users and then just stonewall them

  • Wolfensus

    My account is disabled for the 4th time in 2 months

    welcome to the club lmao


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