I learned my lesson, and I would like Discord to lighten its security to let me back in



  • Husky I

    I want to talk to a member of Discord that both runs it and is not a bot.

    I understand what I did wrong, and I will comply with the guidelines; so thereby, I request that I get access to Discord again.

  • SlimJimjim

    Thats what i dont get. Since this whole platform is ran by bots, why is there never a bot that gives you a warning of some sort, like a three strike system before you get disabled? The phone number part is annoying too cuz some people cant afford service or simply dont have a phone but sometimes it makes you verify number to even join certain servers and most voip numbers dont work

  • Husky I

    Wait, so the whole Discord network does not have a non-bot? It may be off from my understanding so far, but if so, that seems like an umbrella-problem; the relationship between the company and the customers. Here are some first objectives that Discord needs to fix before handling anything else:

    1.) Introduce a three-strike bot that dms you a warning, and then maybe showing a link to the Discord rules to be reminded of.

    2.) Install some non-bots who you can interview with if a bot has made a mistake, if someone reported on you without a clear understanding of your actions, or when you see a toxic user abuse Discord for messed-up agendas (like if you want to report on a pedophile using Discord to attract minors).

    3.) Remove the phone verification system: there are folks like me who never had a phone and are vulnerable to a disabled account out of the blue, which is lacking in communication on why it happened; the bigger reason though is the legitimacy of even considering the usage of a phone verification, for if you manage to get someone's phone number, you get access to everything else. This is hypocrisy when it comes to the privacy of the customer being protected.


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