Will my group get deleted after my account was deleted by discord mistakenly? (I wrote that they reactivated my account and in the end it deleted itself. I'm afraid that now it deletes my 10000 member discord server) Please, I don't know what to do




    Rate discord 0 star on google play then rate it again because they remove bad reviews and again. Do this for a whole day because system is automated and you mean nothing but potential nitro buyer.
    Never recommend Discord to anyone, warn them not to instead.

    You can also report it to Google which does completely nothing and won't return you once deleted account so literally who cares.
    Pray Discord gets sued and goes bankrupt by someone who actually knows law.

    Don't scan pm's

  • Sasserav50

    Great, I will, but I don't think they will return my account. Anyway I wanted to know if discord deletes my discord server (10040 members

  • A Random Dumbass

    Sasserav50, Discord deletes everything that is linked to the deleted account. Even if you had a server with 50,000,000 people in it they would be displaced from that server as it would be deleted the same time your account is unless you transfered Ownership of the server so it didn't happen

  • Sasserav50

    A Random Dumbass are you sure? Some people say it remains the server


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