New name system is a cringe and why is this so


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  • Dionysus 
    This is the master post! Leave your feedback in the comments here too!

  • Funky

    The lack of simple names available like Mike or Jane is probably Discord's most valid argument on the change, but I don't understand how does limiting a username to only 1 person instead of 9999 people make anything better? They're completely ignoring the fact that usernames are case sensitive and changing atleast one letter of a name to lowercase or uppercase and/or adding something as simple as a _ to your name can raise the possible usernames to over 39,996 (and I swear there isn't that many people demanding the name Mike on the platform). And after the change there would only be 1 @mike and one @jane, so their "fix" kind of turned into a bigger issue. Something as simple as just adding a 5th digit to the discriminator would be more than enough to fix the issue. The rest of the arguments seem kinda pointless and feel like they're just there to fill up the page. I hope they consider the clear backlash from the community (even though that's not very likely).


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