New Mobile Design is Simply Terrible


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  • SofianeLasri

    I totally agree, the removed ability to swipe the panels is a very bad choice.

  • Digital Marketing Pk

    I appreciate your candid feedback on the recent Discord mobile app update (build 49405 on iOS), and I understand your frustrations with the changes made. It's important for user feedback to be heard and considered for ongoing improvements.

    The issues you've highlighted, such as the persistent server list and excessive padding, impacting usability and efficiency are valid concerns. The essence of any update should enhance the user experience rather than hinder it.

    While Discord has previously aimed to unify the desktop and mobile experience, it appears that the latest changes have not aligned with your expectations and have caused frustration.

    Your feedback is valuable, and I recommend sharing it directly with Discord's support or feedback channels. This can help ensure that your concerns are communicated to the development team and may contribute to future updates that better meet user needs.

  • cmdrsnowwhite

    I updated the app on my phone and it is…unusable. Truly. The easy swiping back and forth in the previous format was delightful. If I wanted my servers to be in a grid, I would have made use of the folder/sorting feature--which, it should be noted, was optional. I liked being able to scroll up and down and have my DMs and servers close to each other. I liked having servers/DMs on the left, people on the right.

    Changes like this should be optional. This is deeply upsetting, revolting, and I would like to not have to scroll through a grid of icons without server names next to them just to find a single message I missed. I also hate how the channel names now have random emotes next to them, which don't actually correspond with the channel contents at all.


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