Don't make users instantly join channels if they didn't "disconnect" upon turning off their computer. Teamspeak nor skype does this.



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  • Comentario oficial

    As a convenience we reconnect you to the channel you were last in if Discord launches again within 5 minutes of being quit without first disconnecting from a voice channel.

  • Kakashi

    This is great when you're traveling somewhere and connecting to multiple different places, or having network issues, it saves a lot of time.


    I agree.

  • hiuwo

    I agree with OP, and quite a number of people do.

    The function doesn't work consistently at all.

    Inconvenience > convenience, btw who would actually mind a manual reconnect, please add option or just remove function.

  • ナヅレ

    yeah, but why it's automatically leave while playing games in PC and i'm still chating on discord.

  • 64_Tesseract

    "When Discord closes"

    Why would it close while you're using it? I meant that once you close the app, it doesn't disconnect you from voice channels, which is confusing and annoying.

  • Pospesel

    Why are you trying to leave voice chats by closing Discord?

  • hiuwo

    @Pospesel I believe it is just easier to assume every app will terminate properly when you shut down.

    I could ask you the same, why are you trying to reconnect me to voice without an option or permission? Why do you think I need your help to automatically reconnect? 


    By the way 5 months and no update on this issue from discord. Please add option to turn off auto reconnect. Thanks


    Also I keep waking up my PC and see myself added in the same voice chat. I switched away another login position  last night for an hour. Came back this morning to the PC who had disconnected,  found that I was automatically joined. Your timer doesn't work consistently. Please fix everything. 

  • JWTech

    I just want to mention that, although I personally love this feature when it works as intended, it's potentially disastrous when it fails to work correctly.

    I was in a private call on my desktop, internet cut out for maintenance so I turned off the desktop and switched to laptop to finish the call and went to sleep. The next day when I went back on my desktop the call ended up getting restored.

    And I mean completely restored... All the sudden both of us were back in the call we had finished a day earlier without having pressed anything. Worse yet, his client didn't show that he was in the call at all.

  • Shouhei

    okay sure it can be a “convenience“ when it works properly and when you’re in the certain situations where you want it to work.

    my internet cut out for a few hours one day so i shut off my computer and then when i was able to log back on, as soon as i opened discord, it automatically joined me in a call when i did not want to join one.

    i am 100% certain there are many instances like this that happened to others. my internet cut out again when i was in a call and now i have to worry about rebooting my pc and everyone in the call hearing the things going on in my house.

    also, if you are really calling it a feature out of convenience, why not just make it an option to turn it on or off? i dont really see a problem with making an option that gives people the freedom of whether they want this so called “convenience” or not.

  • plarp

    This "feature" is quite aggravating on many levels. For one, it goes against the norm. Why? If a user MANUALLY closes a discord, then severe all connections. If the user is disconnected, then sure; quality of life reconnect it for them. Forcing actions upon users is bad. This literally makes me go back to Teamspeak, the behavior there is as expected among all other related platforms. Being different isn't always for the better, don't force assumptions onto us. In the very least, how is this not a toggle option to remove? The annoyance is enough to cause me to find somewhere to make this post. This coming from 11 year web developer, user experience is a thing and very much so should be.

  • AlexVII

    2 years...
    Is it really that hard to make a checkbox that disables a few lines of code?

  • redhead_cz

    This is super annoying and dangerous.. I have Discord opening automatically on system boot, but PC could have been started by anybody after the last shut down which could have had Discord connected. What makes you think that this a sensible default. Anybody on the chat can potentially listen to somebody's mic without them knowing. You are basically doing the total opposite of what all other applications do and totally violating the user's deep-rooted expectations without any notice or even proper use case - connecting is as simple as clicking a button, why is it even a feature.. what's more there is no way of disabling it, that is beyond all reason! Even a simple dialog box "Do you want to reconnect" would make a difference.

  • DarkStarSword

    This really is a massive privacy violation - I have to be in a voice channel for work, but 99% of the time I don't need to say anything so I'm on mute (via a button my microphone). Windows update just decided to reboot my machine, which power cycles and therefore unmutes the microphone and discord immediately reconnected and now all the private conversations in my house are being broadcast to my colleagues without my knowledge or consent.

  • Megan

    I can't tell you enough how ridiculous this functionality is. I turned my computer OFF. Why would you reconnect me after I turn my computer OFF AND it's been 12 hours??!!?? What possible reason could there be to reconnect to a channel after 12 hours!!?!!!  Give me a break. 

  • Kurumi Tokisaki

    Personally i love this funtion, if i suddenly have to restart my pc because something needed to update it just joins me back in the call, i don't mind if they add a way to disable it, but i don't want it removed, if you don't like it then why not just leave the call or take longer than 5 minutes to reopen discord. It's not THAT hard right?

  • Trash Oracle

    Yeah, there's no convenience about disconnecting from a voice chat on mobile late at night only to be reconnected to it every time I open Discord on my phone for the next THREE DAYS.

  • The Lorax Smoker Of Leaves

    this is borderline violation of privacy lmao left a discord call at like 10pm my internet cut out around 5AM and discord relaunched in my sleep while watching youtube and I wake up to the sound of people connecting and disconnecting from a call this has happened multiple times and this function needs to be removed

  • Cryptidstuffies

    I disconnected from my phone normally but everytime I enter Discord it STILL reconnects me? I don't know if it's because of this function but it's horrible, one times I was actually doing something I obviously wouldn't want someone to hear and it DISCONNECTED my call on the PC to connect me on the phone??

  • David Smith

    This is a security hole. I just restarted my computer after a crash, and was trying to troubleshoot the cause of the crash when someone told me they could hear every word I was saying to tech support. 


    Discord should NEVER EVER throw you into a voice channel without your specific intent and permission. I could've been saying anything including private information without knowing that my mic was live. I will leave discord rather than have it be a potential spy if I forgot to leave a channel. That's INSANE.

  • jacob banitt

    agreed.  have had many times im back in a channle after closing discord.  if i close discord i expect to be gone from all channesl unless i go back.  why cant there be an option for this?


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