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  • RigZero

    How on earth is this not a thing?  I'm only posting so there is more activity on this thread....  But COME ON Discord, this one's a no-brainer.

  • jonnydeathstar

    I've been a moderator in a Discord for less than 10 minutes and I've already discovered that this feature is both needed and missing. Would be great to have something like this Discord developers! 

  • MaerkStrongrock

    I need this ASAP. I don't wanna bother peoples with reposting their stuffs on other channel and I don't want to delete their messages either!

  • patach

    Agh, someone just did this on our channel, and now he's soldiering through it since the cat's already out of the bag.


    A simple move would've made this less awkward for everybody.

  • pTim

    Discord, please, a Move_Messages feature, similar to what Rakma imagined in their post. I'm adding myself to this long thread of comments in hopes that y'all'd see how much demand there is for this feature.

  • Rufkenze

    C'mon Discord. Make this happen! PLEASE.

  • D3V1L0M3N

    I can understand why they don't want to implement such a feature. My assumption is that it would be API heavy. However the fact that there has been ZERO response on this topic is quite frustrating. They need to at the very least acknowledge this feature request that would be, with no doubt, an extremely useful function for moderators.

  • Bluecewe | Xterea


    'My assumption is that it would be API heavy.'

    I'd be curious to know whether there are any database challenges. The messages table might be designed in such a way that the channel ID is simply stored in a field which could be easily updated with a new channel ID. However, in the past, Discord have said that they have had to engage in creative database design to scale the platform. It might be the case that the channel ID is difficult to update as part of that design. Either way, it'd be great to hear from Discord themselves as to whether this feature would be technically challenging to implement or not.

  • Drako

    Restructuring the DB or adding a table or Joining the data is what developers do, not to mention any dev worth anything should be able to do this easily

  • Yellowrose

    to add this functionality to a database I don't think would be much different then like a forum database where merging and un-merging a topic comes into play. Each topic in a database is assigned an entry number when you merge a topic it gets the same entry number as the topic you are merging it with so both become part of the same topic however later when you want to split that same topic once the topic is split the new topic gets a new entry number the same could be done with a message if that is how Discord has their database set it's just a matter of the database assigning a new channel ID once the message is moved. Where the actual functionality of it lies is in the program code. Writing the function in but any good programmer that does program coding should be able to nail a small function such as this in a few hours. As a discord admin I also have a need for this same function. Would be great if they could at least tell us hey we are aware and are planning to work on implementing or not implementing this type of feature instead of all of us just keeping this going for years from what I understand.


  • Fucsalot

    This function is much needed, especially with 1500+ active members and someone posts by mistake in the wrong channel, followed by several people responding.    

  • Dust

    This would be a great feature to include! Please add it!

  • Kozy

    This would help me a lot! Please add this Discord!

  • Jackie💜

    Yes, I need this feature. It took me all but two seconds before I was missing it when I started working with discord. Although I believe it's possible to implement with a bot, Discord should have native support for it as it is one of the most basic moderation tools in existence.

  • Jesterjj

    I too find it odd that this is not a permission you can toggle on or off for a mod role. More often then not I find that messages get removed by myself or an admin/mod cause they put it in the wrong channel. Wheather it was by misstake or on purpose. More often than not I find it was a mistake because they didn't read all the server rules or restrictions to a hereby.

  • XΞN

    This needs to be a feature!  The moved posts need to have something indicating that they had been moved.  Like the name of the moderator that moved it, along with the channel it came from, and a time/date stamp.  That way the poster will not be held accountable if their post is taken out of context.

  • ChokDKmob

    This. Please.

    and a mouse "CLICK TO ENTER" button..

    These two things is all I would ever ask for

  • Knockandosmw

    This feature is really needed!  

  • Spaghetticus

    Really seriously need this feature to be implemented yesterday. Please. I don't like deleting people's messages when they are legit but just in the wrong place

  • Danal

    I'm yet another "I can't believe they haven't added this feature".  

    Yeah, I'm a newbie to Discord.  Yeah, I'm NOT a newbie to systems and the way humans interact with them.  In fact, I was thinking about looking into Discord for an enterprise.  This one piece of idiocy has reduced my momentum about 90%. 

    Very, very, disappointing. 

  • Sethtos

    I Cant move-message, to the rigth channel (i am admin, serverowner)

    Ich kann die in Falschen bereichen geposteten Nachrichten, nicht in denn richtigen bereich verschieben. Das Nervt. (als serverbesitzer..) 

  • DieNand

    Yes please, this would be great to organize my servers!

  • me sideways

    So fking stupid there is no move feature, like discord, but this is making me move to slack

  • gruzzi™ (Samuel)

    please add this feature - can't be that complicated!!


    (another idea - {i did not read all comments - i hope discord does} - if a post is beeing moved, a auto-message could be sent to the original writer of the post, from which channel to which channel the message was moved...)


    thanks for listening to your users :-)

    greets //s

  • PanamaJack

    pls add this feature already ;)

    you will get a cookie (;

  • almostsuspense
    that would be abused (context) and not very useful

    you could just get a bot and use commands to just get rid of the messages and hope they finally learn to do it in the proper channel.. idk what else lol

  • Hiroshi_Sato

    bumping this as it is something that is needed

  • Rufkenze

    Discord, could you at least reply or something? 

  • charitwo
    Yes, please

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