Read Receipts



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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of, so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
  • DBA_Testuser

    Totally needed for guilds and clans!

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  • Blastoise186
    This could be useful for me to ensure that important messages have been noticed by the recipient. However, for user privacy I would definitely support the ability to disable them as well - some of my Servers have a lot of users and I don't always want to be spammed with DM's.
  • Alexis
    To be honnest, I don't even know why Whatsapp do that. You should have the freedom of not answering to a message if you don't want without being considered as rude. This takes up to privacy.
  • Radi

    Maybe if they added this they could make it optional. But maybe you should just read your dms and respond..


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