Remove the Ability to Allow Lower roles to delete messages from higher role


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  • MeLlamanHokage
    sick idea. I’m down
  • Reg

    I'm upping this 2 years old feature request
    It could be a really good feature 

  • DSprl


  • chadedgar

    Can't believe they haven't added support for it even after 3 years.

  • [- A M A R I -]

    Hello ^^

    I'd like to support this as well; I'm looking to allow users with a "Curator" role to pin art, music, and writing they view in high regard without the potencial of stepping into the silencing power of a Moderator, in being able to delete messages. By adding role priority as a stipulation to deleting messages, I'll be able to add the Curators' ability to pin messages through "Manage Messages" permission, while the base, auto added role, remains above the Curator role, meaning messages could be pinned without the ability to delete messages from other members.

  • La sierra

    this is 3 years old. that's just sad. it would be great if discord adds that feature

  • seaszns

    5 years later.. still waiting..


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