Group DM Confirmations


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  • 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡
    this is a little bit useless because everytime somone send a message your getting a ping
  • Zacatero
    I mean like, if somebody adds you... before you're seeing stuff and getting pinged, you have to confirm like the NSFW channels kind of with a pop-up. If you deny then they see you "leaving" the channel.
  • McLyntree

    please do add this. theoretically someone can keep on adding me to a group dm i don't want to be added to.


    [edit: yes i know i can block the person or turn off direct messages from people but to have to do that to not be able to be put into a group against my will is kinda stupid.]

  • Morríghan

    This would be amazing. I love my friends and all, but being randomly added to a group DM and called without any prior notification can be a little annoying when I'm at work. If there was something that you had to approve *befor* going into the DM, that'd be great. It'll be less awkward than going in, declining the invite and being shown as leaving the channel. Just have it where we don't enter it at all.

  • minejulrbx

    I got friend with someone on Discord, he added me into a group DM without my will, it was about leaking stuff for a game. As I got added he also added another guy which was an Admin in disguise. I didn't want to or was supposed to join the group DM. I just got added. I got banned from the games Discord server just because I was in the leak group DM without my permission to even be in the group DM.

    It's a small server so not easy to appeal. There for I would love this feature! I don't want to be added in group DM's without permission or wanting to.

    We played together & chatted good together so I thought the guy would be a good friend but instead this situation happened

  • elmenda452

    The group join confirmation should be done with no question. Should've been done even years ago.

  • Gyrageon

    This is something that should be implemented. My friend who I invited to my chat doesn’t like being invited out of the blue. I love talking to them but sometimes they need to know first. Also if possible make it be an option. It’s fine if that doesn’t work.

  • rushly

    This sould be implemented ASAP. I don't want to be randomly added to DM groups without my confirmation

  • DownhillSign911

    I agree with this. 

  • index.ts
    Please! I have been added to so many groups by my friend (who has good intent) but it just gets really spammy and annoying. This would help so much!
  • almostsuspense
    would be very usefull
  • Karate Wumpus
    Great Idea, Defo useful
  • mason!
    Would be nice, it could have a little animation when you click on the invite that says “You have been Invited to a Group DM” and it shows who invited you and the users in the group.
  • MrStelpan1

    Just implement this!!! Look at this example. And no, I do not want to ban that person, because he is a friend of mine. He just wants to piss me off.

  • ! matcha

    This would be so helpful if implemented! I'm staff in a discord server so I can't just disable DMs or block people all willy-nilly. Please implement this!!!!

  • Prince R.m

    I'm surprised this hasn't gotten many replies or votes cause this is something I wanted for a minute now 

    Maybe there should be a thing where after you say no they can't ask you to join again so it doesn't become spam or something

    Or maybe if you're not in the mood to join right then there can be a thing where they can ask for you to join a hour 4 hours or a day ect later

  • Kaptein_Steyn

    This would really be helpful, because my friend keeps on adding me to a DM that I don't want to be on


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