Custom User Colors


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  • purpzie
    Yes! I've seen similar suggestions but they kept mentioning extra nitro features which to be honest seems a bit unnecessary. This would be super nice. 👌
  • Stuttero
    This would significantly make Discord more cluttered, confusing, and ugly. I can't see why this would be necessary.
  • Collin Anderson

    it would be cool even if it was only on your profile page

  • BemAGemz

    i mean, i would like this cus then your user will be more like you want it to be, all so it gives more feeling to discord with more colors

  • Pitch Black Warwolf

    I just wanted to add discord nitro hexadecimal because it is my favorite shade of pink/my favorite color altogether (don't judge me, i'm a boy). it would be nice for discord server owners to have access to their own emojis without having to pay for nitro and to even have access to the emojis for other servers (a friend complained about not having the ability to at least use his emojis if he wanted to and i agree.


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