Jack audio support in Linux or at least ALSA


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  • oh no

    Even Discord notification works on ALSA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Not supporting only voice input/output on ALSA doesn't make sense since most applications runs on Linux supports it.

  • S410

    That. Discord, please fix!

  • JIrgend

    Please fix or give us a setup guide

  • Somebody | Abandoned

    This is a big market is the jack channels could be split by user

  • nomanescio

    Indeed, this would be a great thing to have... I want to use Discord with Mixxx to make radio, right now i have to resort to using crazy ways to do that. Don't ask how I do it, it's just too emberassing...

  • Yerba

    So no support yet? What is the state of this request?

  • Schrödinger_50%

    Please fix this soon. I like Discord but as long as I have to install Pulseaudio unnecessarily to use Discord I rather use Mumble instead.

  • hoggins

    Would LOVE to see that happen.

  • Dameck

    I really want to see this. Not supporting alsa is almost like not supporting Linux.

  • xndu

    I also would love this, and agree, not supporting ALSA is almost like not supporting Linux. :(  Would love to see this sooner than later bc I'm trying to use Discord to talk to loved ones in this pandemic and for now im using different options.

  • Lazar Kovacevic

    This is a really big issue, especially on lightweight distros that don't use pulseaudio.

  • Zipdox

    I couldn't find a working jack client module for NodeJS and I doubt Discord would develop their own. Also regarding ALSA, using alsa in Discord is kind of pointless since no other program would be able to use that sink.


    Well, there are Jackd client(s) for NodeJS, but it's unsure whether it's working: https://github.com/unclechu/node-jack-connector

  • Mozhaaak

    +1 for jack support.



    I hate to ask proprietary app developers for features, if only it was open source, there could be someone outside of discord developer team up to the task of adding cool thy' a bit unpopular features to the client app.

  • Mad Martian

    Hmm, yes.  Discord's lack of support for Linux-based audio sub-systems (which are extremely powerful and versatile) is the only thing preventing me from taking over the world right now.

  • attndeficit

    um +1 for jack support but i definitely don't hate to ask proprietary devs for features as a paying user.... let's go devs, willing to continue paying!

  • Rattlehead

    I'm using Solus Linux and when I looked to see which audio it uses; both the Pulse and Jack audio apps are installed which I don't see on my system, but through the software center I see they're installed.  Last night I was in a chat with some friends and all of a sudden, I couldn't hear them.  I tried different things, exiting and re-starting Discord, changing the audio device from default to the device I use, nothing worked.  I ended up having to use my phone for Discord for the rest of the night.

  • darius

    JACK support would indeed be amazing. I'm most interested in the fact you could achieve very low latency with it.

  • take




    please add ALSA support. I don't have pulseaudio at all and it is gonna be deprecated soon as PipeWire is coming (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PipeWire)


    thx in advance )

  • DeeBee

    Just to clarify pulseaudio and jack use alsa for their backend so alsa can definitely handle multiple inputs and outputs simultaneously.  I've been using jack and alsa for years now and luckily have been able to avoid ever installing pulse.  Whenever I've mistakenly installed it as a package dependency it has totally borked my audio every time.  I can run a huge library of steam games, zoom, skype, and pretty much everything but discord. Please add alsa only support.

  • SchnapspfeifeMitSchnauzer

    JACK support would be great. Software instruments or vocoder effects... yeah

  • pflueder

    +1 : }

  • Dragyx

    +1 ^^


  • manuel

    PLEASE make jack support!!!

  • synchron

    Not having Jack support is a big problem on linux. Please add support!

  • gomer

    +1 for ALSA

  • yago

    +1 ALSA and/or Jack.

  • bubba2k

    Yep, ALSA or JACK support would be great. Right now the Discord client is barely usable on Linux.

  • FlashBrew

    So many years, they just don't solve it..

  • uis

    Well, it seems discord devs don't care. And you can use ALSA(and JACK) in web version, but will you?


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