Option to Disable Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message on Mobile


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  • noony

    There already is one.

  • MosheF

    Not in the android app

  • Auto

    Has this been answered? I would also like to stop Automatic Scrolling to Newest Message in Android. (I.e. I want to keep reading where I left off previously and manually scroll down to the newest message). 

  • Evening Newbs

    It also jumps to the bottom if you switch to another app and come back, your screen turns off, or if you scroll down far enough to trigger the next page of messages to load. It's extremely frustrating to read conversation history.

  • SasukeVita

    Yes its very annoying for android app

  • Cyrain

    Still very annoying. I hope there's an update for this.

  • darnel

    Where is that option on which platform?

  • Gendal

    It’s crazy annoying. If you even lock your phone you lose your place on iOS.

  • SoduhSoul

    Discord is a joke when it comes to replying to us!

  • SerjFlint

    I can't read my backlog at all. You need to read hundreds of messages in one go or scroll back every time you lock the screen

  • TechnoCapitalEatery

    Please fix this it makes discord unusable on mobile I will uninstall until fixed

  • chrisvroberts

    Still not an option 2 years on...


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