Opting in or out for Group Chats


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  • Leeham

    I agree & disagree with this, I only disagree because one way to get in communication with people who have larger servers is being added in a group chat through a mutual friend, however I can see both sides

  • milk 🥛

    I agree with this, because numerous times a week, (sometimes multiple times a night, over and over) I will be added into a group chat, and they will start calling the group over and over. I leave the group and get added back by someone, and they keep calling. I've even tried blocking all of the members, but somehow it just led to another random group of people I had in my friends list doing the same thing right after. I would like to have something pop up and let me pick whether or not I want to be added into the group, like a friend request notification.

  • AceKade_25

    Yes discord, please do this. I'm trying to leave some of the hundreds of group chats that I have been added into by my friends but after I leave they add me back to annoy me. There needs to be a setting or something like that, that will make it so that you NEED to accept an invite.

  • sock

    This needs to be a thing.

  • Ewiq44

    I agree, my friend keeps adding randoms to MY group chat THAT I MADE it sucks and even if I block my friend's friends they can still join! this sucks, there needs to be perms like a server.

  • λksiMaximus

    I need this.

  • Tymon

    Being literally thrown into a group chat without my consent is not cool. Even if someone is my 'friend' it should not give them the purview to literally force me into a group of people against my will.

  • Ears

    I have an obnoxious loser “friend” who did this to use me as his play toy in a group I MADE for myself my boyfriend and him and my other friend so they could become friends, and he used it against me like a toddler to do that. His “boyfriend” kept trying to trigger me while he kept putting me back in

  • Trixen

    yeah its annoying when you dont wanna talk to some person and they spam you back

  • Bust2Death

    Totally agree

    people invite me into groups chats so much but i dont wanna remove their friend

    and i had to repeatedly spam leave


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