mic is muted reminder sound


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  • Northern
    There is a feature which notifies you when discord is not detecting a microphone. If you accidentally disabled it, Go to Setting -> Voice and Video -> Voice diagnosis -> Enable "Show a warning when discord is not detecting audio from your microphone"
  • boss
    I think it'd be great to have. Good idea.
  • [BoP]Shadow

    Definitely. If i remember correctly Teamspeak had such a feature. 

    Just make sure that it does't trigger with every single noise.

  • DuckMasterAl
    This is a really cool idea, but maybe you could toggle the sound or make it after 5-10 seconds of talking, as my keyboard makes audio.
  • Corrupt ll

    If you use a headset that has a mute just check if it's muted, or if you mute on discord side; it has an icon that shows it's muted.

  • GreenKnight

    Sometimes you accidentally turn off the mic, or forget that you did it, and in such cases you can talk to your pps for a few minutes before you realize that they don’t hear you. The lack of this functionality makes Discord less comfortable than TeamSpeak.
    Where to throw my money that it is implemented?

  • DarkBlue

    PUSH for an invovation in the year 2021 ...

  • Baldur

    This idea must be so revolutionary, so groundbreaking, so hard to implement that it is just literally impossible to implement.  But seriously, this can't be that hard to do.  PLS Discord, make this happen.

  • Luciole

    The feedback should be moved into "Voice and Video" section whish is more appropriate than "Text Chat" in my opinion.


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