Block Settings show Blocked Person’s Name


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  • Pysis

    Here for hiding the presence of blocked messages completely.

  • Hikari_Moon

    Hello, I would also like to add a suggestion to improve on the blocking feature, I completely agree with the topic being discussed here, while it is completely fine that the user who is blocked would no longer be able to send you messages through private dms, I don't think it's very good in public or larger servers where you can still see their messages.

    A large "blocked message" (can click to see what the message is and who sent it) is mostly reverse psychology for many of us, and would rather not see what the person we've blocked has posted at all, I honestly have a few who I blocked and would like to move on from any toxic relationship I had with anyone.

    I'm not too sure how programing on discord works but if it's possible, may I suggest we're given the option to make any messages the blocked user post invisible to us anywhere?

    Thank you kindly for your time

  • BlacKcuD

    Give us this feature NOW. Can't be that hard to actually implement an actual blocking of the message. Just make it hidden in CSS if you can't handle the asynchronous chat.

  • 🐯Beardfacé🕵AΩ

    I was going to make this suggestion too but found it's already been made here and totally agree with this idea. There should be a feature to hide all blocked messages and also display who's said them. I recently joined a server where there are a lot of toxic people and the admin doesn't really do anything about it so I've ended up blocking a lot of accounts. However, not all of them have super high levels of toxicity and sometimes I would like to check those blocked messages by less toxic accounts. Also Idk if this has been suggested in another post but I think the "New Post" button should be at the top of the feedback pages.

  • Asherett

    And let us block people without removing friend status... Jeez


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