More Text Colors


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  • Jiry Kagua | kwinkir

    It would be cool to write a message with this feature. But I don't want to write some strange commands and remember them, if there was a menu where you can change fonts, colors, it would be convenient.

  • Jiry Kagua | kwinkir

    Its like: bruh

  • ArettBro

    Yeah that's what I was saying. Thats called formatting and it wasn't made with the intention of being used for the colored text aesthetic. That's why I'm saying it'd be cool if colored text came as its own feature, and the menu idea sounds sweet.

  • Yuu

    it'd be nice if servers could allocate text colors to members/channels too. Let's say, every time "update bot" posts something, it appears in red, whilst server owner could be gold and members gray or blue. It'd be fun to choose.

    It'd also be fun if the colors were to be visible on mobile and ipad.... I know the formatting mentioned above doesn't quite reflect the same across all devices and it's a bit cumbersome imo


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