Custom sticker packs


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  • kazun

    Stickers are cool and all, but custom stickers are what really make stickers worthwhile tbh. Even if custom animated ones are locked behind Nitro like the animated emotes are, I think custom stickers are an absolute necessity for the feature to really shine.

  • Kanexan

    I really think custom stickers would be necessary for this to be a useful function. The customization of server emotes is what makes them fun, for example—stickers not having that just makes them like big emoji.

  • emmaavemour

    I know a lot of people that are held back from swapping from other messengers (notably Telegram) because of how well custom sticker packs lend to people with original characters that they like getting packs drawn up of. I was super excited to see that we'd be getting a similar feature on Discord, though let down very quickly when I saw that it was only for pre-made/paid ones. 


    I do get that it is still a brand new addition, but I think that without the ability to make custom packs, a majority of people will just see this as a missed opportunity rather than a new feature. Perhaps lock animated ones behind the paid packs, with stationary/still ones able to be made by users?

  • AshTR

    Neeeeeed custom sticker packs

  • Space

    Without custom sticker packs this sticker feature isn't worth using

  • Ladon

    Tbh if you actually add the addition of custom sticker packs ON TOP of the shop that would be sick.

    I'd assume it would help artists a lot if they actually could sell sticker packs for a small fee. Just take a percentage of the sale (maybe not as much as Apple though *cough*) and everyone would be happy.

    Of course it also should be possible to add them for free.

  • PalehornTea

    Yes, NEEDED!! Stickers are amazing, and custom stickers are even better! This is one of the best features of Telegram, and PLEASE bring it to Discord!! 

  • Lio

    I agree with the others in this thread, a lot of the fun I have while using Telegram comes from using custom sticker packs from friends / strangers, and I love the custom emotes you can make server-wide within Discord. It's easier to express yourself using custom Emotes / Stickers and imo the Telegram's Implementation is the best when it comes to stickers.


    Person A send Sticker to Person B, Person B clicks/taps on that sticker and gets the full list of stickers available in the pack the sticker Person A sent came from. From there you can cancel out of the screen or add the stickers (or share their link if you've already added them) 

    Alternatively you can also set your Sticker Pack to private so that only you (or the people you give access to) can use the pack.


    Maybe it could even be possible that Users can sell their own Sticker packs, where, if someone buys a Pack, the money gets sent to their connected payment method with a small cut (5%?) going to discord?

  • dragnerz

    Custom sticker packs would make this feature SO great. High quality/large animated emoji's, yes please!

  • yuu

    I agree that there should be custom stickers to be made by users. It'll feel more personal especially since emotes are personally made and uploaded too. 

    If artists are able to upload packs like Line does and sell it it would be really nice as well. I would think Discord would also take a percentage for a way to profit and allow support for artists. Its a win win for both parties. Though it brings a bit of a struggle if users upload copyrighted works I would think a solution to that would be approval period before it is available. That's an inevitable situation when it comes to custom art, especially stolen/traced emotes. 

    I really like this idea and would love to see it come to life! If Discord brings this feature too it'll make expressing moods a lot more personal and bring more support to artists!

  • bru

    It would be cool if we were able to pick the sticker from sticker menu and drop it wherever we want on the chat menu instead of sending it like a gif. 

  • Afterglow

    Calling it now: Just like Telegram stickers, and just like Discord emotes, this feature is going to live or die depending on if users are allowed to make their own.

  • beefstew4u

    Def need to allow for custom stickers or this is pretty much useless. The store should stay though as I can see people buying packs from artists/creators they follow.

  • rosecat

    If creators can sell sticker packs that is awesome! I think we deserve to be able to share stickers with others though, too, if we make them/own the rights to them. Perhaps creators selling stickers in the shop can tick an option to allow people to share the stickers that they buy? I'm not sure of a good way to do it but sharing stickers is one of the main things that makes other messaging services like telegram worthwhile and it would be an awesome addition to discord.

  • Tylor

    Custom stickers are what make them really popular on other platforms. I bought the ones existing to support the feature and I hope in the future we can make our own!


    I saw someone suggest that artists should be able to sell their own packs as well (some sort of profit share?) and thought that was a pretty great idea

  • calm

    give us customization

  • Hermit Kei is hermitting

    A lot of message apps have these, but some of the most popular ones are like so because the possibility of making custom stickers and sell them. Take Line for example. 

    It's good business for both discord and the sellers. Sellers make good stickers and earn some money, discord earn a tiny commission on top of it without doing much work. Win-win. 

    Not sure the Wumpus ones are to my tastes honestly. 


    Some server perks where a server can sell it / give it for free exclusively to members of the server would be nice too. 

  • astatinium

    Being finally able to use gifs as stickers that have some interesting size is really a nice addition. Animated emotes are too limited for this.

  • Eyadplayz

    We definitely need this feature and it should be to everyone probaly with an exception
    Nitro Users can make animated stickers while normal can only make normal ones.

  • treblesketch

    Customs stickers are really what makes stickers worth while using, otherwise it really makes the experience just really impersonal. Hopefully this feature can be added in the future.

  • slycooperfan1

    We absolutely need custom stickers! I've been hoping for custom stickers for a while now! Animated stickers can remain a Nitro-exclusive feature, but static stickers would be very widely used! Since emojis are restricted to a specific size, stickers would be the perfect solution to an increased size.

  • KOTOB Keeper of the Orange Ball

    I've never personally used stickers in any messaging apps, but the concept is very cool. Having custom stickers might just be what makes or breaks this feature.

  • Scary Atomosophere

    Yessir this will make everything very much nicer please add

  • kodey

    Nitro for animated custom stickers and a store where artists (through server custom stickers) could sell their work as sticker packs would make this an amazing feature to rival telegram. and i dont even like stickers much.

    also the ability to hide displaying of stickers

  • Afterglow

    My idea:

    Official sticker packs: Some free, some paid. Animated.

    Custom sticker packs: User-made and submitted, able to be shared. Non-animated only.

  • packagesplan

    I really think there should be  custom stickers it will help a lot  

  • Apero

    Custom stickers are the only thing tying me to Telegram. I don't care if having them animated isn't possible / only paid, but custom stickers are the only reason stickers should exist in the first place. Remove that ability and you just made some fringe monetized feature that rarely is used over emojis.

  • Spots

    Yes custom please, pre-made I don't think I'd ever use :D

  • Shaun

    This feature is 100% worthless without custom stickers. I will never use the default ones but I would be using stickers all day every day if I could upload my own pack that I already use on telegram

  • ElizabethCray

    Whether or not you would need nitro for it, we really need the ability for custom sticker packs. It's the ONLY feature keeping my friends using Telegram instead of Discord. It seems that the current implementation is stable ( for now at least), I just hope they think it's stable enough for custom packs.


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