Discord on Apple M1 Devices



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  • seti.seta

    At the moment I'm trying to only run M1 native applications on my M1 as overtime I noticed a terrible general system slow down. At least is possible to use Discord on the browser and that's how I'm using at the moment, but it would absolutely great to have a M1 native version.

    Same here but many BIG companies still don't have native software.. eg. Logitech with Logitech Options..


    And to everyone in this thread supporting the request to add Native M1 support, please open a feature request ticket: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/requests/

    Very Good idea. I just created a ticket. 👍🏻 

    It's been a while, but I once wrote a tweet to Discord. Maybe if even the tickets don't help, it would stand out if several tweeted to Discord about the issue with native support.


    I think I speak for everyone that after all this time we can at least expect an official statement from Discord.


  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    And while we're at it, they should also make ARM64 builds of the other desktop versions.

  • Rafik

    I'm using Discord via Ferdi app (https://getferdi.com/). Screensharing is working!.
    Hope it can helps.
    I hope we'll have a native M1 Discord app soon.

  • Felipe Baez

    As the M1 is capable of running iOS and iPadOS apps natively if the developer allows, this could be a great way for us to run Discord on M1 without Rosetta and electron. Would be great if Discord would enable that in the App Store. It would shut me up for a while.

  • imabhaysutar

    I don't understand why would it take more than a year to do something like this. I have tried running the iOS client on M1, it is pretty light on system resources but had issues with camera orientation etc, which are minor fixes as compared to electron bloat they are trying to fix. 

  • kode54

    Just saying this, the camera rotation issues were fixed by 11.3, the release that broke conventional sideloading. Now you have to use possibly dodgy apps that require you to disable SIP, and if you want early access and potentially source access and discussion service, you have to subscribe to said app's Patreon. And the iOS app has never supported desktop sharing.

  • Violet Athena

    kode54 interesting, I wonder how difficult it is to implement screen sharing for an iOS app on a Mac? There are several that do it, but they are not shipped to Mac 

  • Amasc

    +1 Native support please!

  • tduarte

    Felipe Baez Well the default behavior is to be exposed to the Mac App Store, the developer needs to actively remove from the list, and seems like that's what Discord did.

    "Managing Mac App Store availability. By default, your apps are published automatically on the Mac App Store. If you determine that your app does not make sense on Mac, you can edit its availability at any time in App Store Connect."


  • barkbork

    Hello there,

    I got tired of waiting for an official release, and spent my friday evening trying to improve the unofficial clients based on the web version, especially considering a lot of us need screen sharing for work.

    I released my work here : https://github.com/yannhodiesne/Discord-M1 
    The latest release features working screen sharing (screens and separate windows), improved looks to match the official Discord client, and automatic voice detection. Right off the bat, if feels a lot smoother than the official client.

    The screen/window selector looks weird, but works as intended. Credits goes to WesselKroos on GitHub for his amazing work on getting a working screen share selector inside electron!

    If you want to give it a try, be sure to follow the instructions inside the README, as macOS tends to be annoying with unsigned app's permissions

  • 4pollo

    I am running Barkbork's Discord build on an M1 MBP, and it works great!

  • TheArmKing

    barkbork any idea if notification/ping badges and system-wide push-to-talk can be made to work on this native client?

  • imabhaysutar

    screen sharing works well with barkbork 's build. Still thinking of ways to get video pop out option in calls. 

  • sirhc

    I mean, come on, it's been such a long time already. Where is the M1 app?


    Screen sharing in Chrome makes my M1 MBA stutter and lag!

  • barkbork

    TheArmKing notifications are already working, but you may need to toggle its switch in your Discord settings to trigger the permission request

    I'm currently trying to make the badge count work, but I cannot guarantee it yet
    System-wide push-to-talk is sadly not in my todo list (because I do not have any idea how to do it), but I'll give it a try when I've got some free time

  • akamizu

    billion dollar company vs one bork boy doing god's work.

    thank you barkbork 🙏

  • barkbork

    Just released an update to add badges support, be sure to follow the How to install instructions again to use the latest build

  • Zenuko

    barkborkThanks ! 😄

  • Arpi

    You are godsent barkbork! :D Finally a proper M1 build with perfect badge counter and stuff. That's all i need until the official release, thank you mate! 

  • specialagentx

    Imagine getting the development kit like a year ago and not finished with the native build. 

    Btw thanks barkbork for the build that I can use in the mean time. 

  • dreamup

    I can only imagine that Discord is not in any rush to support another build of their client, but M1 is not going anywhere and more people are using Discord even for work. +1 for official native support.

  • kirot

    Imagine getting the development kit like a year ago and not finished with the native build. 

    This implies that they even started. It's likely not a priority at all.

  • Purple Dragon 🐲 🐉

    barkbork awesome job with this. Thank you so much!

  • gochuJIEang

    Thanks barkbork, your compile instructions worked perfectly and the app is running well on my MBAir.

    Appreciate your work.

  • plex

    Thanks, running well so far, and much faster than the official client on Rosetta.
    theres only a few issues I've noticed with the window buttons in the top left corner, but they fix itself after everything is loaded.
    Haven't tested videocalls or screen sharing yet as I don't use it much.

  • terra

    I don't know what can they do whole year?

  • danielktdoranie

    The sooner Apple “sunsets” and ends Rosetta 2, the better. Doing that will force lazy companies and devs to get it together.

  • ozz

    Bump. I would like to agree it works on M1, it's just really slow and the emojis look terrible.

  • looooongdog

    If anyone here is subscribed to Nitro or was subscribed in the past, it's probably worth letting support know that this is the reason you've cancelled your subscription or that you're planning to.

  • Valiant_Cookie

    I am shocked that it has been this long and discord does not already support this.


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