Turn TM and C(opyright) back into unicode


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  • Costpap
    Yes please. One annoying part of having them as emojis is that they can't be seen on Dark Mode at all, but with Unicode, they can be seen perfectly on both themes. This is pretty annoying, and there's no reasonable reason for the change, so this should be reverted ASAP.
  • TheChubu

    Registered symbol also suffers the same fate.

    I often use both to joke around and it's pretty annoying. They worked perfectly fine, I have no clue why they would change them.

    In any case, I'd appreciate if they'd leave them as unicode.

  • Mr.Hell

    3 years later and still not fixed...

    Yeah honestly the icon looks more like just big letter TM in white mode and invisible in dark mode...

    So I guess we will see this fixed soon™️


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