KEEP UI changes but add a toggle and QOL tweaks


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  • NullRef

    Yes to toggles, please. The quick access to reactions could be useful for some, but for me they are an eyesore

  • honeyfern

    sadly its not as easy as just saying 'people will get used to it in a few days' there are some people that genuinely need those separators/dividers to read, because if not everything mends together, its hard to read, distracting and it hurts the eyes.

    i personally dont like any of the new changes, its all too distracting and overwhelming. i tend to move my mouse a lot and i get immediately distracted by the highlighting and the quick access emojis, and i know there are many other people with disabilities that are experiencing this.

    so its a bit more complicated then just 'change bad', and toggles would just genuinely be appreciated for the overall UI so we can choose between compact, cozy and this new... conzy-compact hybrid UI


    tl;dr: design is really cluttered and distracting and it just doesnt let users with disabilities use discord properly


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