Override the blocked user can't react thing, if somebody has elevated permissions


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  • W01

    The person blocked for a reason, allowing people to react anyway would likely result in mean reactions like spelling out insults or spamming negative reactions on every message.

  • PrincessLapis

    Even if you're a mod, I think this has too much potential for abuse. Mods can be jerks. As the other person said, they blocked the person in question for a reason. I think Discord disallowing the person from reacting is a really good thing, and I appreciate it.

    The only thing I might otherwise suggest is to change it so that the person can see their own reactions to the message, but Discord deletes them after a certain amount of time. This way, you won't know the person blocked you. Now that, I could get on board with. Privacy something or other. But this way works well, too. I'm perfectly supportive of it.


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