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  • AJ

    This feature was recently implemented in Twitter, you can have multiple accounts linked together now and easily switch between them without having to log in and out, and I think it is great since I use 2 accounts for most social media for different purposes. 

    Google has it. Telegram has it. To name a few. You see notifications for both profiles and can always be up to date, really, just look at - let's say - Twitter's system and adapt it, it will be perfect. 

    And judging from the amount of upvotes this post gets I think a lot of people think the same. 

  • Perry

    I do believe it’s a matter of time before either discord implements this, or falls out of favour for something better. Maybe people go back to slack?

    That being said, it is not as simple as ‘adopt this thing that twitter does’. From what I’ve learnt about discord, they don’t rush into things. It is done the right way, or it isn’t done at all. I hope this infrastructure is on their pipeline, because I don’t think single accounts is sustainable long-term for many of us, but I’m not expecting it done tomorrow.

  • Stelard🎃

    @Perry I hope you're right, because I would not be satisfied with most of the suggestions here. It needs to be simultaneous login to multiple accounts, or better yet, multiple identities on one account.

  • Assimilater

    So instead of doing this wildly requested feature that has been asked for since a year ago and every other major social media app does discord decided to completely re-engineer an already working ui into a completely unusable one for their mobile users...that's my nitro money being put to good use....

  • Ourly

    This seriously needs to be added, I have two discord accounts both managing and testing a server, this would be useful because I can't stand using the web client...

  • MarsMehlo

    seconded! this would be amazing on desktop in particular

  • ilicktoesformoney

    Yeah seriously we need this. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit already have similar features so frankly I’m surprised that it’s taken so long to implement this at all, especially considering the demand.

  • silentslade

    This is really useful for privacy reasons

  • DanKSpooKLy

    T+Discord themselves said that you shouldnt even have multiple accounts


  • Audhumbla

    @DanKGooGLy That doesn't change the fact that people need to have different profiles/accounts for different things. Mainly (as you can read in the bunch of comments) personal vs work profile differences. 
    The only way to achieve this right now is by multiple accounts.

    Secondly, as others have raised it's not just about one person having multiple accounts. It's also about one family computer having different family members having to sign in and out constantly. And what people want is an ease of life. 

    Your comment (ie their comment) doesn't change the problem nor provide a solution. And, given the amount of other platforms right now that have the ability to do this same thing it's not an unreasonable thing to ask.

    Even if you had it where one account had multiple "profiles", you still have the issue of multiple accounts in a family. If you have the ability to easily switch between accounts then having multiple accounts shouldn't matter 

  • Assimilater

    @Audhumbla I sincerely hope the discord team gets their heads out of their asses and read what you wrote...

  • Stelard🎃

    @Audhumbla I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. The use-case of a shared family computer is already well handled by Windows, Linux, and probably MacOS (no personal experience but I would be shocked if it wasn't the case). Give each family member their own user account -- without a password for the kids if necessary -- and use fast user switching to swap between them. This keeps everything each user has together.

    What Discord needs is a means to allow users to have multiple accounts logged in simultaneously. Or multiple public profiles per account as per my sadly deleted original suggestion.

    Of course, there's no reason they can't support both, but considering it's taken this long for them to do anything I worry that they won't ever support both. So I lean towards the one that is not already feasible.

  • Audhumbla

    @stelard Sorry, just to clarify are you saying you are disagreeing with *all* of what I said or just the family part? 

    Because I only comment on family since that's what others have said they need or have struggles with. I.e. They have to sign their brother out when using his PC. Even with me I have my computer and when someone I have as a guest comes over, they have to sign me out every time rather than just sign in alongside me. 

    So having it that you still have one account signed in but multiple profiles doesn't resolve this use case. 
    And my point was having it so that you can easily switch between simultaneous user accounts IS a solution to BOTH use cases.

    Supporting both could have it's place. But as you say... It's been so long without *anything* so gotta go with the case that suits the most people. And as it is already, people have multiple accounts. I think if they made it multiple profiles one account sign in then they'd have to have a tool for merging of accounts in order to avoid making users have to create a new profile and link ALL servers from the other account (which is extra work to implement a merge tool). 

  • Assimilater

    @Stelard are you really arguing against the use case of something that EVERY major social media app considers a BASIC FEATURE?

  • Audhumbla

    Also, to append to my last comment.
    There are a couple extra cons I wanted to point out with one acc multiple profiles solution.

    1. Security: if my one singular account got breached with my work profile on it, it would compromise my companies content. Where as me having multiple accounts if one got compromised there is a high chance the other is fine.

    2. To implement from a programming perspective multiple profiles is adding features to ui and changes the structure of an account (in code and database).
    Where as simultaneous accounts doesnt change the structure/architecture of a singular account. It just changes the UI a bit (i would expect it to be a lot less ui work than multiple profiles but not 100% sure) to allow simultaneous switching of said accounts and code work is focusing on how users are signed in. No real back end adjustments needed.

  • Stelard🎃

    @Assimilater Fast user switching would be nice, but it's not as necessary as multiple simultaneous users in one app, because fast user switching is already build into computer and mobile OSes.

    @Audhumbla Mostly the family thing. I'm of the opinion that no person should share an account with anyone else, including family members. That includes Windows login accounts. If someone wants to use their discord you can just log out of Windows, or let them log in while you're still logged in, it's a feature that's existed for a long time now. However one person with multiple accounts really needs to be a feature of Discord to work in a satisfactory way..

    Again, in an ideal world we'd have both features, but I don't think they're going to do both. I think they'll implement fast user switching into Discord (if they do anything at all) and call it a day, and that would really suck because it's a feature we already have built into our computers and mobile devices.

    (Also, if you think what I'm suggesting sounds like a different idea, I agree. But my own suggestion was deleted because it was a 'duplicate' of this. Yes, I am upset about it.)

  • DeathVirus

    @Audhumbla I don't really have much to add to the argument, but just a small mistake I noticed in yours-

    You mentioned that simultateous switcing of accounts would need more backend adjustments... but that's not completely true.

    For 'Fast Account Switching', you'd need to make changes to a database. It's just, rather than the server database (which contains information about every user), they'd have to change the client database. If they didn't, there wouldn't be any way for the discord client to know which accounts it can switch to. Without changing any databases, it would essentially be a 'Quick Logout' button instead :)

    Meanwhile for 'MultiAccounts', you'd need to make changes to the server database, otherwise Discord wouldn't know which accounts are linked to each other.

    If we forgo any security, this would be the basic concept:

    Multi Accounts:

    Server side would need:

    • Registering alternative username
    • Registering alternative password
    • Registering number of alternative accounts (They'd obviously have to limit it... can't have a single person having 100+ accounts).

    Switch Accounts:

    Client side would need:

    • Registering alternative username
    • Registering number of alternative accounts (The UI would need this in order to make the switching box.. might require a scroll bar for example).
    • Request user to type in password then send request to Discord server to verify the password is correct

    Both would require more or less equal amounts of backend work... If we implement security, such as Auth tokens etc, both sides would need work in regards to that too.

    As for the whole switch accounts/multi accounts thing, in my eyes, there is practically no difference... Switch accounts would still require a username, password, profile picture and userID. That's more or less a brand new account anyway. The only difference would be that the switch account wouldn't need a email, since that would link the accounts together.

    As for the personal/business issue, implementing something akin to YouTube's channels would be best. Same username, password and email, just multiple channels attached to it. That wouldn't work for families though, since nothing prevents you switching between those channels freely.

  • MarsMehlo

    only want this cause my bf and I share a pc and both need to sign in semi frequently. just an option to choose a profile and enter your 2fa for it would be amazing!

  • DeathVirus

    @MarsMehlo for your case, having Discord and DiscordPTB installed would solve the issue right?

  • Audhumbla

    @DeathVirus (simultaneous would need less*) in my experience and my intended use of the term backend is typically server side work. Maybe this is wrong however, if you change my comment from backed to "less server side changes" then my comment is still correct.

    To rephrase what I was intending:
    Having a client side that stores information about which accounts can sign in is less difficult than a server side change to all accounts plus everything else on top of that.
    Multiprofiles change the way a single account object is viewed so would require a significant rework of the server database and code to reflect the structure.
    Simultaneous users may need authtoken or some value (if it doesnt already exist), but this is still one thing added not a restructure.
    Client side you would store the information in a binary config file/ cache it you wouldnt use a "database" for it - itd be like how cookies on websites work.

    And in regards to UI, yes they both need those things. And it would depend on how they visually wanted to execute it.
    However, the main difference is the concept of multiple profiles. They would then have to have all the current "account" ui separated from what we are now calling "profile" since you now have account stuff and profile stuff. So thats extra interfaces. Also development of the new profile class. Functionally/conceptually there are a lot of similarities I agree - things like considering which is active, switching server lists, switching friends lists and such. But, in comparison with simultaneous all the current UI would pretty much stay the same. They would just need to add / tweak the inteface to have an "alternate accounts" panel. And adding an alternate account would/could still use the same sign in ui.
    If you had multi profile they would need to keep the create account, sign in to account ui and have to make a new "create profile" ui. These differences (unless I am overlooking a simpler solution) is my basis on why I said simultaneous accounts would be less work.
    Multiple profiles has the pro of one email, which is why I see a validity in both functions (but this is the most amount of work solution)

    And at the end of the day, both ideas give a solution to personal and work splitting. But not the solution to multi user switching.

    And saying "have discord and discordptb" is the microsoft approach of if there is a work around you're good. Work arounds are a lame excuse and dont make "discord" better, thats what we are asking for. One app, that does this. MarsMehlo and her bf dont need to download both chrome and mozilla to have ease of use with Facebook, google acc, etc. So why is it a valid point here?

  • Stelard🎃

    @MarsMehlo You guys should really have your own Windows accounts rather than sharing one. Security reasons aside, this would let you each have your own desktop background, icon placement, folder settings, window colour schemes, every single app you use could be left logged in as you and know who you are, etc etc.

    The only downside is when you turn the computer on it would ask which person to log in rather than just going to the desktop. Oh, and I guess it takes a moment to log in the other person the first time, but once you're both logged in swapping between desktop sessions is really quite fast.

  • Audhumbla

    @Stelard The thing with that though, is your saying the solution is to have multiple windows user for multiple discord acc/people (which is a work around, yes)... But, what about when I have a guest over? You want me to make a user on a PC that only I really use 90% of the time, just so while they are over they don't sign me out? it'd be quicker more logically to stick with the discord we have and just sign me out! 

    In the past signing out and in was the norm. But we don't/shouldn't have to deal with this now, they should be able to sign in alongside me and sign out again. Leaving my account still there. 
    Also, secondly, if they are a couple they most likely pass on information such as "hey honey XYZ person wants to know if you can raid tonight?" or "you have a discord notification want me to check it?" - meaning one windows acc + simultaneous discord accounts allows uninterrupted receiving of information. The bf could be playing a game, so they have to stop playing just to check discord? "But she could have the app on her phone" what if someone doesn't have a smart phone (a lot of people don't)? As much as the work around is a something that means you don't have to sign them out discord, it doesn't allow the uninterrupted receiving and it doesn't solve the ease of life problem we are talking about.

    ..And again, emails have been doing this for years. Social media platforms are now doing it this way. Even source control applications do it (I can have bitbucket, GitHub, etc accounts attach to my one sourcetree app for my repos). This should've been a thing already.

  • Assimilater

    @Stelard multiple user accounts is a thing for company computers or public computers...not for home computers. In most family situations it's simply not worth the extra time or resources to setup multiple users and log into all of them every time you reboot.

    Besides it doesn't address mobile users at all 

  • Stelard🎃

    @Assimilater I disagree, my family had our own windows accounts on shared computers for as long as Windows has supported it. It's a good idea for security and privacy, and MS is still pushing it. It could stand to be made a little more user friendly, perhaps.

    I will concede mobile support for multiple users is not really there yet, but that's because the presumption is that a mobile device will not be shared.

    @Audhumbla I think we might actually be arguing for the same thing, after reading what you said. Allow me to take a step back and clarify.

    What I want is a way to be simultaneously logged in to multiple accounts, so that you can see all the servers and friends of all logged in accounts, and messages coming in on any of those accounts show up. Ideally it would let you change the colour scheme of the app to match whichever account you're about to send a message with, to prevent any accidents. And if they made it easy to log some of those accounts in and out to suit the 'hey mum I just need to send a message to Jon real quick' use-case, so much the better. This would suit me, and I think most of the people in this thread.

    What I do not want is for Discord to give us a way to log out and then log in to a different account slightly faster, and then call it a day. We already have ways to do this, albeit not an ideal way; Windows accounts, launching Discord as a different user login, password managers, etc etc. If you're okay with cutting off account A to check on account B, then you can do that. If you want to keep 2 or more accounts open at once, that's difficult to do on Windows and impossible on mobile (unless you use Android islands, which only lets you do 2 accounts at once and involves installing Discord again, and your keyboard app, and other stuff).

  • Audhumbla

    @stelard oh yeah, definitely want same thing.
    My personal use-case is being able to receive work notifications and personal on my mobile because I can only be signed into one atm.
    And 95% of the time im on my personal.
    There has been a lot of times I've received a discord work message and have had no idea until I think to check, I get into work where its my logged in acc or I get told my the person they sent it (super embarrasing). Plus there had been times I've waited for notifications thinking I was on one acc but turned out to be the other, which becomes frustrating after a while haha.

    And yes, I think this multi acc same time notifications and such is the common desire! :)

    Good to clear things up though! ... Now... we wait for your move discord *looks at discord*

  • DeathVirus

    @Audhumbla Obviously, this isn't a solution, but if your workplace contacts you via discord often, you may want to look into a app cloner for whatever OS your phone is running. Should Discord ever sort out a proper means themselves, you can always change to it then!

  • Mark

    I have a personal account and a company account. I'd like to log into both simultaneously, with one set to active at a time. Please consider a UX update to the native desktop app that would allow me to sign in to multiple accounts (saving the passwords too) and allowing me to switch within 2 clicks to one of those accounts at any time.


  • skyeagle

    I really want a feature with multiple accounts - I have one discord account dedicated to gaming stuff and another for irl communications. Hell I even want to split my gaming discord into two, one for game server chat (focusing on a few games only) and one for more general gaming (not active but used for looking at notifications, otherwise my main account would be swarmed by them). I personally use 3 youtube accounts for a similar reason, and the fact that you have to logout and login everytime you switch accounts is pretty troublesome.

  • AngelBerry

    I really want a feature like this implemented because me and my brother share a computer and it's very annoying needing to login in every time. Would be better if there was an option to have some sort of PIN number for better privacy when switching accounts, which is still quicker than logging in with all your details.

  • Foxyboy

    It's a really annoying process to switch accounts quickly on mobile. Please can discord make it a button to switch accounts still receive notifications from the account while on the other please!


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