Closing Discord with X Button & ALT+F4


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  • Kyoko 🇽🇰🇦🇱

    I am pretty sure thats how applications react on windows to that shortcut. i dont think you can change that


    My other applications, such as Steam, Origin etc. have also an option "Minimize on close", just like Discord has.

    Thing is, when I ALT+F4 (with a custom macro mouse button) all my other applications minimize to the system tray just like they should, only Discord closes completely the process, even if the option "Minimize on close" is checked.

    So, I am pretty sure it's not a Windows thing. It's Discord. I have sent a ticket about it. They said that they unfortunately can't fix that right now, but "anything can happen in the future".

  • mkcoldwolf

    ALT+F4 is just designed to exit the app completely, you shouldn't use that anyway if u are not trying to exist a program.....

  • ArkiTechyDaddy

    This was mentioned here as well:

    ALT+F4 is for closing windows or exiting a program.  ALT+[space] then N will minimize a window (but in this case minimize sends discord to task bar instead of system tray)   Some mouse software use a "window close" command which is normally included in some mouse software key assignments but it seems Discord takes it as a "close application" command so there is something wrong.  Discord developers really should fix the close window/app issue.

    Try using the key combo ALT+[space] then C to close a window vs ALT+F4 which closes windows but normally exits the program.


    "Try using the key combo ALT+[space] then C to close a window vs ALT+F4 which closes windows but normally exits the program."

    This actually works for Discord, but not for all applications. For example, it doesn't work for MSI Dragon Center, because the application is not programmed to have a file menu, so you cannot hit CTRL+SPACE to pull it down, then hit C to close it. And for the apps where this works, there is always this fraction of a second where you see the menu dropping down while the app is closing. Not a big deal, but worth a mention.

    Who doesn't care for other apps it's a good workaround until they fix the standard ALT+F4 command.

  • Merona

    I think this is happening because of how Discord is built. Discord uses Electron to act as a normal application and to support shortcuts like toggling mute and deafen. ALT+F4 is "Exit Application" in Electron and if I'm correct you can't change this easily in code.

  • 13

    Yes, please add the ability to minimize it to tray on ALT+F4

  • gyaani_guy

    In my experience Alt+F4 -> minimize happens with every application that supports close to tray option, - skype, irc clients , torrent clients, steam, search apps like 'Everything' , xampp, etc.


  • FlameFrost

    Responding to "Discord uses Electron" comment above, there are other apps which are also built using Electron (Slack, for example) and these do minimize to systray when closed with Alt + F4 or "x".

    Also, there are some comments incorrectly suggesting as to how Alt + F4 is meant for shutting applications. I disagree. Microsoft's own application, Outlook, minimizes to systray (if the option is enabled) irrespective of how the window is closed, using X or Alt + F4.


    Clearly, it's a problem with Discord.

  • Vlad

    Since discord clearly will never bother to do something about this issue, is there any way to fix this behavior via other means?


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